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    This is such a great thread! I'm a little late to the party but just had to comment. I totally appreciate that you consider if you would like a name you give your daughter. I often give people that exact advice. I loved many of your names. I really could have gone more avant-garde (that's how I think of your style) but my hubs is pretty conventional. Also, we have been surprised before and gone in with several names. We decided after meeting our baby. Oh, and I really like Ulysses. Great choice!

    My thoughts on your list...
    - Ferelith - I'm just eh on this one. Also, autocorrect tried to make it derelict and ferrel inch. Not too pleasant.

    - Utopia - I can see why you like it. Two reservations: it feels like a lot to live up to and is very similar to Ulysses.

    - Elizabella - sounds like a name smoosh. Doesn't give me the vibe you're going for.

    - Alaska - I like it but it's better if there is some sort of personal connection to the state. I could also see this on a boy.

    - Persimmon - it's ok. I could see Percy as a nickname.

    - India - I love it. Ok, I'm biased on this one So, here's my experience with the name. Some love the name right away and tell me. Other times, I do get some questions, until I explain it's a legit name (any Brits or Aussies always get it) and I mention there was an India in Gone With the Wind (not that she was that great a character but then again neither was Scarlett in my opinion). I explain she was named after my Great-Grandmother, India Belle. It's a name that is very important in my family and my little India has all of India Belle's family heirlooms. So, just be prepared to be asked, like the country? I am so glad I named my daughter India and although there are some on NB who say it is controversial, I've never experienced it. My mother in law has a good friend from India and she is thrilled we have a little India and always buys her Indian outfits. Now obviously she's only one person but I guess I wanted to say, not everyone from India is offended by the name.

    - Sky - I like it but worry that it's not substantial enough to go with Ulysses. I also like names with different nickname possibilities because you don't know your daughters personality at birth. I could see is as a middle name.

    - Bellatrix - Count me as one of the people who the the HP series ruined this name. All I think of is a murdering sociopath. Sorry.

    - Caitlin - I really like this name. It is lovely. But, and this is huge, it's uber popular. It's hard to really get a handle on how popular because there are a million different spellings. Yours is the original and best. It isn't boho at all in my opinion.

    - Seabrooke - We've vacationed at Seabrooke many times (the one in WA but I think there is more than one town). Is it a place that's important to you? If so, then I can see it for a middle.

    - Sage - I can see it for a middle. It's trendy right now.

    - Antiquity - I may be in the minority but I really like it. I love history and think you could also use the nickname of Anne or Annie (perhaps a nod to Anne of Green Gables). It's different but not weird. It's a word name, but not a word used commonly in everyday conversation.

    - India Rose - well obviously I like India. I won't spend another paragraph on why Rose to me is beautiful but it's a fairly common middle. Now maybe that sounds hypocritical because you can see from my signature that I used the middle of Marie. I did that because five straight generations in my family had Marie as a first or middle and I really wanted to continue the tradition. Also, in Hebrew tradition, you use the first initial of someone you want to honor. I also got to honor my paternal grandmother, whose name was Iva Myrtle.

    - India Ruby - I love each name separately but together it sounds a little bit like a joke (place name, jewel name).

    - Winter Rose - I love the name Winter. Seriously, I love it. It's becoming more popular but not too much and I think it is very usable. However, when combined with Rose, it also feels a little joke-y.

    - Saffron - I like it. However, it doesn't feel like a great match with Ukysses. Like the boy got named after such a great brave character and the sister got named after a spice? Does that make sense?

    - Violet - ok, I'm totally in the minority on NB but I don't like the name. It sounds like (and is one letter off from) violent.

    - Violette - Even with the different spelling I can't get behind this one. Also, it doesn't seem unique or boho to me.

    - Evan Robert York - I used to love boy names on girls. I thought they sounded so cute and fresh when given to a girl. However, I've come to resent this trend. My somewhat dormant feminist (oxymoron?) side now gets a little offended at the idea that boys names are somehow seen as stronger than girls. I'm not saying that what you are doing but there is a big backlash to the trend and it's something to seriously consider.

    - Earendil - I like it until I consider the first syllable of ear and possible teasing.

    - Arwen - Swoon. It feels very Lord of the Rings to me. I can see Arwen and Ulysses as siblings.

    - Sky Violet - I just think purple sky. Not a fan.

    - Elysium - I'm not sure how to pronounce it but when I looked at the name my first thought was asylum (as in insane asylum). Not great.

    - Ysabeau/Isabeau - I think the beauty of this name would get lost in a sea of Isabella's/Isabelle's/Isabel's.

    - Godiva - I thought about this one for a while. When I say the name out loud I like it. The history is great. But written, I do see God and think that might be hard to bear. Also, I love me some chocolate but it could also be very hard if your daughter ever had a weight issue.

    - Lotus - it's ok.

    - Kitten - this would be a great pet name (as it nickname that close friends and family use). We actually do call our youngest Kitty sometimes. One of our sons is Bear and our other daughter is often called Boo. I do agree with so many others that it could be hard to be taken seriously later in life with this name. I used to work in a male dominated field and like it or not, it's still sometimes harder to get respect as a woman.

    - Feather - see my response to Kitten.

    - Thistle - I like the sound but not what it is. Maybe Thora?

    - Quintessence - it feels like you are trying too hard.

    - Lavender - this reminds me of Lavender that was in one of the later books of Anne of Green Gables. I like it but don't love it. I can definetly see it in the middle spot.

    - Chartreuse - it's a pretty sounding name but not my favorite color.

    - Autumn - I like it but don't love it.

    - Vivaldi - Intereting and I like it (especially if you love the music).

    - Debussy - I'm trying to decide how I can put this delicately. It rhymes with slang for woman's genitalia (and a wimpy guy). I forsee some rough teen years of teasing from the boys.

    - Tuscany - I like it if there's a personal connection.

    - Hermione - LOVE. I know it's closely tied to HP but what a great character! She is brave, smart, compassionate and loyal.

    - Evaen - I'm not sure how it prounounced? Is it a unique selling for Evan? I'm really not a fan.

    - Avery - I don't like it on either a boy or a girl. It's fairly trendy and doesn't fit your criteria.

    - Eden - I feel about this name like Utopia- I like it but wow could it be a burden too.

    - Rhonwen - I like it but love Bronwen even more.

    Whew. That was quite the list! I'll throw a couple other ideas out for you to consider, even though you've got some great contenders. I'm sorry for any repeats. I read through the other comments but can't remember all the names that were previously suggested.

    - Hester (I always admired her in The Scarlett Letter)
    - Miriam
    - Amity (great virtue name)
    - Verity (another great virtue name)
    - Renata
    - Tamsin
    - Drusilla
    - Portia
    - Siobhan
    - Esme (means beloved)
    - Averil
    - Sunrise
    - Evangeline
    - Eulalia/Eulalie
    - Daphne
    - Greta
    - Sylvia
    - Millicent
    - Thora
    - Bronwen
    - Azure
    - Cora or Corrine nn Corrie (I always wanted to honor Corrie Ten Boom)

    Best wishes and congrats!
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    I'm a fan of a number of these, but do find some to be ridiculous as a first name. I'm curious why you're considering Eärendil for a daughter rather than a son. It's such an amazing namesake for a son. We've often considered it as a middle for Caspian. I think it'd be utter magic with Ulysses, but it leaves me cold when considered for a girl. It's one of my very favorite stories, and inspiration for some of my great name loves. Thorondor is another that goes on and off the list for us. If it's in honor of the story, why not Silmaril or Elwing?

    I like the following:
    India Rose (lovely, but I'd assume you were quite a Hemsworth fan)
    India Ruby (love them apart, not sure it sings to me together)
    Winter Rose
    Ysabeau/ Isabeau
    Thistle (in the middle it shines, as a first it's rather abrupt)
    Vivaldi (I could see this working)
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    Thanx Nj45 !!

    My favorites from your list are:


    I especially love Juniper...such a pretty name...and my partner's twitchy about Godiva as a first name, so I'm still not locked in with a girl's name, so any name is still possible at this stage. Cheers
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    Thanx for your response Redwoodfey

    Re Eärendil, I love the name & I love Tolkien...I also associate the name with the 'Star of Eärendil' (worn by Arwen) used in the LOTR movie rather than Eärendil/ Éarendel the character/ legend per se... I also think of the vessel which captures the light that illumines the darkness for Frodo in his darkest hours...

    And yes, Thorondor is a VERY lovely name....but re Silmaril or Elwing...these names don't 'float my boat'...

    Great to see some of my favorites made your shortlist too !!Woohoo!


    PS I really love the name Isabeau Forest you listed on your signature..gorgeous !
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    Arwen: So ethereal and lovely. I love it.
    Autumn: Not my favourite, but wearable.
    Avery: Not my style at all (and it also SCREAMS surname to me), but wearable.
    Bellatrix: I know this puts some people off, but I think it's beautiful, there is the star connection and Bellatrix Lestrange, however much of a maniac she might be, is one of Jo's most interesting characters.
    Eden: I think it's kinda crass and it isn't my style, but it's wearable.
    Elysium: Beautiful name and origins in the Elysian Fields. I would probably make it Elysia myself.
    Ferelith: Alright, not my style but would be beautiful with Ulysses.
    Godiva: Lady Godiva! Definitely wearable and what a great namesake.
    Hermione: Strong HP association, but lovely nonetheless.
    Isabeau/Ysabeau: Not my style, but lovely name. I prefer Isabeau.
    Lavender: This one is so sweet and warm, I really like it.
    Lotus: Sweet and bright. I know a Lotus myself and she's wonderful.
    Rhonwen: Not my favourite Welsh name, but a great one.
    Violet/Violette: Beautiful. I prefer Violet to Violette as I put the pressure on -ette in Violette.
    Vivaldi: I had neighbours who had a dog named Vivaldi. I would say wearable, but as a middle name only.
    Winter Rose: Lovely, light name. I would, however, object to using merely Rose as a filler.

    Antiquity: This is a word not a given name... Wouldn't it kinda be like calling your child lampshade?
    Alaska: It's just too much a place for me than it will ever be a given name.
    Caitlin: Just don't like the name, I think it fades next to a beautiful name like Ulysses. Not unusable however.
    Chartreuse: ... is a liqueur, non?
    Debussy: This is a surname...
    Eärendil: As @redwoodfey said, why would you put this on your girls name list? Eärendil the Mariner is such a badass namesake for a boy. He's like the greatest seafarer. And Ulysses and Eärendil would be beautiful together.
    Elizabella: This looks made-up. I much prefer Isabella or Elizabeth.
    Evaen: Sounds made-up.
    Evan Robert York: ... is this supposed to be a girls name?
    Feather: Nope.
    India/India Rose/India Ruby: There's way too much controversy surrounding India - AND it's a place name. While I like how it sounds, I would never actually use it myself.
    Kitten: No, just no... This one is wrong on so many levels.
    Persimmon: Sounds like a cat's name.
    Quintessence: No.
    Saffron: This one makes me think of Saffy from AbFab.
    Sage: I think it would be pretty decent as a middle name.
    Seabrooke: Nope. Brooke is nice you.
    Sky/Sky Violet: I seriously dislike the use of sky as a name.
    Tuscany: Again, a waaaay too well-known place name.
    Thistle: Can we agree that a thistle is a plant which, however beautiful its flowers may be, hurts like hell to touch?
    Utopia: I have a hard time seeing this as a name...

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