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    Oooh! I love Ulysses! Some of the names on your girl's list are a bit crazy, but I don't hate them all.
    I like:
    Elizabella - prefer Elizabetta
    Feather - a GP of mine
    Thistle - same - I adore Briar!
    Quintessence - same cuz you can get nn Quinn or Tess
    Rhonwen - I love Bronwen. Rhonwen feels incomplete.
    So obviously, I like the ones that are on the safe side. LOL
    You might like these:
    Evony - my fave <3
    Onyx - Nyx and Nixie make great nicknames!
    Briseis - another love <3
    Morwyn or Morwenna
    Ksenia or Xenia
    P.S. I have no problem with Evan for a girl...and York is okay as a middle, it's Robert that doesn't work for me, and all 3 of the names together.
    Also, I love Yvaine, not that odd spelling that you have on your list.
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    Octavia and Godiva are just melodious and cute nicknames Tavi and Evie/Eva/Evie maybe?

    I can't wait to read your birth announcement, I enjoyed reading all this
    My two precious girls:

    Sophir@ Li

    Av@leigh Beth Gwendolyn

    Other name combinations I like:

    Seth Daniel


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    OliviaSarah ~

    I really love your name "Olivia"

    And yes, Antiquity & Kitten are contenders...for me at least...they're not my partner's favorite...but I think the name Antiquity sounds beautiful (& I enjoy reading/ discovering anything of historical value so it's a meaningful name to me).

    Re Kitten, yes this name's OTT frivolous...but is that such a bad thing? I mean, the world can be a rather dirge-like place at times...and we all need some space for why not a playful name like Kitten to freshen a rinse-repeat rollcall? We can't all be Gertrude & Frederick! Anyway, there are many Birdies & Bunnys, so why not Kittens? I love kittens, don't you? But yes, I hear what you're saying...your advice is very sensible & most of my family would agree with you 100% (except for my little nieces & nephews...they love Kitten!). So, yes, Kitten is not a very grown-up name...but I have one of those...does my daughter need one too?

    Re your name suggestions, I love:


    A lovely selection of lyrical & uncommon names, thanx !!

    PS Good to hear you like's such a pretty's on my shortlist....

    Blackcatsmeow ~

    I hear what you're saying...Godiva isn't a mellifluous sounding name...and quite frankly, I've never dreamed of calling my child "Godiva"....that name sort of ambushed me (like Ulysses really) fact, I'm a little bewildered it has captured my heart like it has (is it a phase?)...but then again not...I mean, why haven't I considered it before? It's totally 'up-my-alley' so to speak. And like TheMonarch noted, Lady Godiva is entwined with such gorgeous history & legend, as well as inspired artists & beatific could one not like the name Godiva? Right!?

    And so, while it doesn't pass Nameberry's test, it does pass mine i.e. I would be thrilled with the name Godiva, after all, she was not only a noblewomen but noble of spirit. So, in the grand scheme of baby naming, what's not to like about Godiva? It's not like I've named her after Cruella...that would be horrid!

    However, I did enjoy Nameberry's blurb re Antiquity...something along the lines of "...while your daughter might like this name at 20, she might change her mind at 50". Sage words...but then, isn't 50 the new 30? And furthermore, what's not to love about being a grandma called Antiquity? Personally, I can't wait to be a 90 plus golden girl...playing cards in my fluffy slippers, sipping piña coladas at noon, baking cookies all day & and sticking my little pony bows in my blue rinse hair. Pure Bliss!!

    And lastly, re Elysium, I really love the name...Elysia is nice, but I love Elysium. I guess I must really like word names ...or have really unique/ bad taste...either way, beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder...

    TheMonarch ~

    Soooooo good to hear your deep appreciation of the name Godiva!!! As you wrote so eloquently, Lady Godiva herself was a much loved romantic, historical figure. And the legends that surround her are poetic & inspiring. It's really captured my heart - as many others. Thus, while the name is a bit hard on modern ears, what it lacks in 'musicality' it redeems in heart & soul...

    Btw, love the potential nn Ivy..thanx for that!!

    And yes, I was surprised by Nameberry's blurb regarding Godiva...but I'm happy it appeals to other people too - not just fact, I was beginning to wonder whether my proverbial 'Rose' name was most people's 'Stink Cabbage'... even so, I guess that still wouldn't deter me from a name, but I would hope my child also viewed my 'Rose' name as a 'Rose' too, or at least a 'Cabbage Rose'...if not, she can call herself Ivy or Eve/ Eva etc, how can any person find fault with these beautiful nns?

    NiteOwl13 ~

    You're a kindred spirit lol !!! Yes, Ulysses is a great name...and so is Briar...I remember someone on NB that named her daughter Scarlett & her son Bryar. She was considering Boone for her 2nd boy. However, I thought Bear would make her Scarlett & Bryar sibset more enchanting i.e. Scarlett, Bryar & Bear. However, Scarlett, Bryar & Boone is quite charming too...

    From your list I love:

    Mayfair (WoW gorgeous!)

    Re Yvaine, I like this spelling, but I also love the cre8tive spellings too - and I like the E in this fact, I have so many versions of this name that Evaen is the most 'sedate' version i.e. other versions are Evanne, Eveaenn, Aevaenn etc'd think I was trying to channel Tolkien or an alien...

    Karateleshi80 ~

    Thanx for your vote on Octavia & Godiva!!!! So happy to hear your warm approval...Cheers!

    Re nns, TheMonarch suggested Ivy & your suggestion of Evie/ Eva/ Evie are beautiful too...

    I can't wait for the birth announcement too, I think I'll even surprise myself lol...

    PS Sophira & Avaleigh are very sweet & pretty names...they have a Southern Belle charm to them
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    Of course it's your little girl, and you will know what's best for her. Perhaps that is a life as Godiva. I would honestly think of the modern use of Godiva, (which I know you will), while she may have been a legendary noble woman, her name now lives on as a huge multinational chocolate company.

    To me Godiva is like Nike. Nike is an awesome name with an awesome meaning. The goddess of victory. When I was in the Louvre and looked at the Winged Nike, I had a true spiritual moment. Here is the victory of the human spirit to with stand the test of time with beauty and grace. Age touched her, and molded her, but did not mangle her. With out a face she is the victory of all of us. But while Nike was an interesting goddess, and has beautiful art made for her. But in this age, the one where my daughter would have to grow up in. Nike is a shoe company.

    I adore ancient Greece. I've studied it, and loved it. If you interested in ancient Greece there is a fantastic free lecture series on Academic Earth.

    Again with Elysium, if that is the name you feel best suits your daughter then at is what you should name her. However if she does go into a scientific field her name would be right at home in this song. Right after Selenium. (Named after the moon, and moon goddess)

    I'm going to admit that you have made think if Vivaldi in a different light.

    Good luck and congratulations.
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    BlackCatsMeow ~

    Great points! Yes, I'm still not 100% about using the name Godiva, but I'm captivated by it atm...

    And the imagery of Nike is wonderful that you've seen the artwork in person at the Lourve!! And you've made a great point re the appropriation of ancient names in commercial goods i.e. it would be hard explaining to people that you've named a child after the goddess of victory not a shoe company lol!! I agree, that would be awful...And then there are those names that are gorgeous but become taboo e.g. Bellatrix in the HP series...

    However, I can live with the Godiva chocolate company association, especially since I'm a bona fide sort of adds another quirky layer of relevance to me....

    And I also like the name Selenium...more than Selena...but it would be a bit much, I agree in this instance...I'd have to explain my child isn't named after my vitamins or a trace nutrient found in brazil nuts...

    As for Vivaldi, it's so nice to hear you've had a new positive take on it!!! I think it's such a beautiful word & I love listening to Vivaldi (and Debussy) would make a stunning name or middle name for a classical music lover...

    Thanx so much for your comments It's wonderful to get varied perspectives on names that first might appear perfect to you, but perhaps you've missed something questionable about them or find another more appropriate name...


    PS Thanx for the wonderful tip re the Ancient Greece lectures, I'll have to have a peek!!
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