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    Tell me how silly I'm being

    So literally days after we discovered that I'm pregnant, bf's nephew announces that his gf is pregnant with their second (due to how the age differences in the family work, his child is in with all my bf's other nieces and nephews, this nephew is more like a younger brother). Even though I know I'm absurd I felt a bit put out, like it was our turn to have a baby next or something, and they will get first dibs on names and second-hand baby stuff... But obviously they got pregnant first.

    I suppose it will be nice for our kid to have another kid only 3 months different in age at family get-togethers. Haha, am I insane or what?
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    Yup. The second hand stuff would be nice, but you might get that anyway since you could have kids of different genders. Chances are you won't have the same name style & that won't even be an issue. It will be awesome for you to have someone to talk with about mom-stuff, and for your kids to be in the same range developmentally. We have friends with babies months apart from ours & it is awesome! They all play together & the moms can yak and have a glass of wine & everybody knows about baby safety & things like that so we never have to worry about the kids, PLUS our houses are all baby-proof so we don't have to watch them constantly if we go over to someone's place.

    I totally understand feeling put-out about sharing the attention though when you were all excited about your pregnancy. It's 9 months where you get to be in the spotlight & feel really special & its hard to share that.
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    I don't think you are being silly. As truenature says, your babies could end up being opposite genders and you could each end up with hand me downs. Or you could find another source of secondhand stuff- we bought almost nothing but most of our stuff came from friends and neighbors rather than family.

    But I do think that you are going to love having cousins (or whatever the exact relationship would be) just three months apart. I grew up with a cousin three months older than me and we were always best friends growing up. My mom and her mom used to schedule their prenatal appointments at the same time and then they would go out to lunch afterwards and they are very close friends to this day.

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    I don't think you're being silly but I think people tend to make a bigger deal out of a first baby instead of a second baby so you might still be in the spotlight since it's your first. And I bet you'll still get more of the second hand stuff since they probably already have a lot of it.
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    That is really annoying, but remember that you're talking different generations here.
    Chances are, the family on your nephew's rung are going to be super excited about their baby, and your rung will be super excited about yours, and of course the entire family will be happy for everyone.

    Is this your first? Even if their baby comes first, if yours is your first you'll still be the recipient of all the 'new baby attention' that you feel due.

    We actually had something similar- we were due with our second shortly before my sister in law was due with her first. They actually were revealing their pregnancy months before we did though! Did she feel like we stole her thunder? I don't know, we tried very hard to keep ourselves out of the limelight. And you know what? Time passes. They have the joy of their singular sensational kid, and we have the beauty of our charming sib-set.

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