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    Congratulations on your brave and beautiful decision. Things are not going to always be easy, but you've given that young woman such a gift, and she has the comfort of knowing that those babies are going to be in a safe and loving home.
    Keep the Berries updated, and I wish you all the best on your amazing journey!

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    Congratulations, please keep us updated!
    I always wanted to (and plan on) adopting at least 3 kids (maybe siblings) from an orphanage. I do have some family members with a bit of history who weren't the best parents, so I understand that these things happen. I just have a bit more growing up to do first so maybe in a couple years time. Part of my growing up is becoming more financially stable.
    You're an inspiration to me.

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    Thank you everyone who is supporting us. It's amazing to both my husband and I to read through encouraging posts from people that we really don't even know. I'm glad that I found this site.

    Now that we've decided we're onto the task of naming not just one, but three sweet babies. I'm 21 weeks and we don't even have a list of names we remotely like! Let the challenge begin.

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    I apologise if I came across as rude, that was not my intention. I also think that suggesting sterilisation was not kind or tactful but if this woman is as incapacitated as you say she is, and is mentally 9-11 years old, then perhaps you can understand where I'm coming from.

    Who is getting her pregnant? If she is a vulnerable person, which she is if she has a mental disability, then I'm very concerned that someone could be taking advantage of her. I'm obviously not suggesting that anyone with a disability should never have children, or never have adult relationships, but if she has the mind of a nine year old then she does not have the capability of consenting to things, especially things like sex. And I'm concerned that not only she is in a vulnerable situation, as these will be her second and third children, but that this may continue to happen if she doesn't have a strong, tight, support network, and possibly even community care. You say she will never be allowed to have custody of her own child, a legal ruling, yet she is allowed to get herself into situations where she finds herself pregnant? Who is watching out for her? This is why I don't believe taking on the babies is a good idea, because its very likely this will happen again and then you will be under even more pressure to accept future children into your family.

    This is coming from a good place, I am genuinely concerned for her. I did not intend to be rude of hurtful. I'm glad you have made your decision and best of luck welcoming three new babies into your family. However I suggest, as you are her close friend, that perhaps talking through some form of birth control with her might be a good idea after the babies are born. Best wishes to your family.

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    Evelyn Piper, Britton Adelaide Kenzli, and Jackson Luke Zachariah are all here! We love our babies.
    Thank you everyone for your help back in December!

    Mama to Sebastian, Kaidan, Evelyn, Britton, and Jackson

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