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    I like Greer and Greta. I really dislike Grey; it's an awful, bland colour, why would you want to name your daughter after that?
    Georgia? Grace?

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    Also searching for ways to include:
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    Grier/Greer isn't my style. I find the name quite harsh and unattractive (on par with Sloane, Brooke and Reese). I don't mind preppy or short, crisp sounds (Paige/Quinn/Blythe) but I don't like painfully harsh sounds like Grier. It's a "nails on a blackboard" type of name. I prefer Greta to Gretchen and Grey/Gray is better as a mn only.
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    I like Gretchen best of the choices offered. I don't love Grier. I think that the best option of the suggested names is Greta. Or Grace, which has a similar sound but is a much nicer word.

    I really don't like Grey as a name. I just don't get it at all. Why not Beige? We know two babies named Grey right now, one boy and one girl. We know a few little girls with Grey as a middle name. So it is definitely rising in popularity, and this continues to befuddle me.

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    I love Grier the best. It's beautiful. Another name I would put in a similar category is Blythe (although very different sounding).

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    I'm not a fan of Grier, to be honest, the sound seems very harsh to me. I think Grey makes a beautiful middle name, especially when paired with something soft and feminine like Juliet, Violet, Tessa, or Anneliese.

    I always feel like Gretchen is a beautiful choice for certain people...if that makes sense. It's one of those names that's not for everyone. I have a cousin in law named Gretchen and it suits her perfectly! Spunky, auburn hair, freckles, charming and very Jane-Austen-heroine in personality. But not everyone would love and own the name like she does.

    Have you considered Freya for a first? It's got some of the same sounds as Grey...although it's the Gr that you seem to be attracted to.

    Sorry this is all over the place, I'm supposed to be getting ready to leave the house, so my mind is only half on the typing at the moment. Silly Sessha!
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