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    Stage Name Help?! Tribal Fusion with a Steampunk Twist

    I am so excited to be posting this thread! I have been daydreaming of stage names ever since I was invited to join my dance troupe a couple of months ago. Now I'm an official member, we have a show coming up in January (my first! squee!!), and my teacher/troupe leader said the magic words: time to pick a stage name!

    I need to have this nailed down in the next few days because we're meeting again soon for a practice session, so I think a little Berry-sourcing is in order to help me brainstorm!

    We are an alternative bellydance troupe, so not your typical tribal fusion. We have a very steampunk vibe, our troupe name is T w i s t e d G e a r z, we dance to dubstep and alternative rock more than world music, and our costuming is super theatrical and over the top. I really want a name that reflects our unique style. Something that could belong in a steampunk novel. Even though I love names like Scheherazade and Esmeralda, they seem to give off more of an eastern vibe, not enough copper and gears

    My fellow dancers are R o u g e P e n d u l e, F a i r u z a M o o n, and Z a h n.

    Ideas I've considered so far:
    Parthenia - I've been crushing on this one forever, and recently fallen for the combo Parthenia Nyx. I'm not sure how well it translates into the steampunk vibe though, and I wonder if she sounds a bit pretentious?
    Lilith - I love the spookiness of this one, but not sure about the soft sounds. Plus, she might be a bit too stereotypically gothic.
    Farasha - I love this name, but I crossed her off the list because she's too close to F a i r u z a, she's all soft sounds with no industrial edge, and I think she belongs more in the Scheherazade camp
    Juliet Dark - Total guilty pleasure, immediately scratched because it's an author's pseudonym, and I don't want to be so blatantly unoriginal.
    Pandora - This is my front-runner right now. I love the mythology connection, I love the strong sounds, I love the badass vibe, and I love the drama. I think she could fit in a steampunk context. This is the one I will use if I don't fall for any new suggestions. I haven't decided whether I will have a second name...I like the idea, but so far nothing jumps out at me.

    ETA: I'm adding a few more that I've considered and crossed off, to help with feeling out the style that I'm looking for.
    Wilhelmina - I love the flow and the connection to Dracula. I don't like that to people who aren't familiar with the story, it will seem very flat and "normal."
    Titania - I waver on this one. Who wouldn't want to be named after the Queen of the Fairies?? And it sounds vaguely steampunk, like titanium. I just don't like the "tit" bit and worry it would be pretentious to name oneself after the Fairy Queen.
    Myristica - I love that it's related to the exotic spiciness of nutmeg and it looks like mysticism. I'm just not sure it fits the vibe of the troupe.
    Vashti - I love the lush exotic bad girl feel. I don't like that it's so short.
    Bellatrix - Again, I love the edgy bad girl vibe, and the celestial connection appeals to me. But it's way too connected to Harry one would even think of the star.

    I cannot wait to see what my beloved Berries come up with! So so excited, you don't even know ^_^
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