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    I'm not sure I'm the best at thinking of steam punk names, but I do like quite a few of the suggestions so I'll give you my votes. That is so very exciting though, good luck!! =]

    Pandora- Is lovely, and if you use it as a mn for a daughter perhaps the tie in to your stage name would make it even more special? (little River Pandora? Swoon! )

    Titania- The titanium similarity is what makes this awesome. I don't think it's too pretentious, but are there any other metal-themed names that could work instead?

    *Arcadia- Jumped out at me when I was looking through the suggestions. I think this one would be absolutely perfect, but if you wanted it a bit longer Leocadia is great as well.

    *Lysistrata- Was my second favorite from @bonfire's great list of suggestions. It feels mystical and the repeating A's and T's give it a sort of calculated mechanical look.

    Lassarina- Is also a pretty cool choice, I don't know about the length of the full anagram, but the first name is very cool, especially the -ina part. I'm loving the L names.

    Galatea- Maybe not my favorite, but still worth an honorable mention. I could see this working, especially paired with a shorter second name a la your Nyx combo.
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    What about Andromeda? Andromeda Nyx has spunk and beauty.

    Pandora is rather perfect for a steampunk dancer, though.

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    Entangler - Thanks for the suggestions! You're right, Elphi is an absolutely adorable nn...I'm just concerned that Delphine isn't quite substantial enough for a stage name. I love Ophelia too, but I'm saving her for a daughter Saskia could be interesting, I love the fierce meaning. Astoria is another I would love but can't use, as it's the name of a nearby town.

    Nephele - Lassarina is really cool! I love the flaming wine meaning!

    Ciottolo - Ooh Phaedra, I hadn't thought of that one! And there's Phedre no Delauney from Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel series. Swoon. Leocadia is pretty and does appeal to my Leo side, haha.

    rkrd - Desdemona is a great idea! She's so dramatic and substantial enough for a stage name, with a slight bit of gothic tragedy to her. I'll have to mull that one over.

    Amy - I'm so glad you weighed in! ^_^ You make a good point about a shared name being a connection between me and a daughter...I hadn't looked at it that way. I'm not sure about other metallic names...I mean there's Goldberry and Aurelia and Coppelia maybe? I like Titania best, though now that I think about it, Aurelia could be hella awesome. I keep wavering on Arcadia...on one hand it sounds very witchy and cool, and I love the substantial-ness. Other times, all I hear is "arcade." Ew. Lysistrata is a beautiful name, and she's still on the list, but I think there are others I like more.

    Brigid - Wow, Andromeda Nyx is smashing! I love the spunky sci-fi vibe.

    I think part of my problem is that so many names sound so beautiful, and if I were writing a story they would all be perfect, but when it comes to claiming a name for my own, most of them feel like I'm trying on someone else's clothes. If it were just a matter of picking a random pretty name, I'd probably be Parthenia Nyx by now. But I want to be comfortable with the name, because I plan to stay with my troupe for a long time and really develop my dancing, so this is a name I'll go by for years. I think that's why Parthenia and Titania make me worry about being pretentious. I know this is probably me being too picky, but when I settle on a name, I want to feel like, "wow, this is SO me." Maybe that's why Pandora is my front-runner right now. I feel like she fits me better than most of the other choices.

    My list right now:

    Andromeda / Andromeda Nyx
    Arcadia / Leocadia

    And one more offbeat idea that I'd love feedback on: Pandorica. This was suggested to me as an alternative to Pandora. I know it's a Doctor Who reference, but I'm okay with that because most people wouldn't get it, and it would be a cool connection with any Whovians in the audience. I know NB is mostly about traditional, unaltered names, but this is a stage name, not a baby, so I would think embellishing a name for additional dramatic effect doesn't have the same taboo as it would normally. If I used Pandorica, I wouldn't use a "surname," whereas with Pandora I feel like it's a little incomplete without one.

    Thank you all so much for your help! Brainstorming is so much easier with a group than by one's lonesome ^_^
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    It's hard to pick when you've got that many awesome names to choose from!
    Try the Starbucks test, maybe? Get all dressed up to go dancing, get yourself in the mindset, then walk into a coffeeshop and order a drink with the name that's calling to you today.

    I don't think "Wow, she's pretentious" when I hear Titania or Parthenia as a pseudonym, especially if it's a person that's warm and easygoing in general.

    Pandorica I want to love. I want it to be perfect, because the Doctor! and cleverness and subtle references are all things I adore. My initial reaction was hesitance, but as I sit with it for a few minutes it does seem to be growing on me. Part of what I like is that it includes Pandora and elaborates on it; Pandora as a myth isn't one I love, but in a steampunk tinkery context it makes me smile. Pandorica has what I like about Pandora, plus some. It's not my favorite,'s still growing on me.

    My favorites are probably
    Andromeda — I just love it in general, and it fits the image in my head of what you want
    Titania — fairy-like AND titanium? count me in!
    Leocadia — at first my eyes slipped right past this, but then it began to seem kind of perfect with the story and the other troupe members and the universe
    Aurelia — fits with the other names in your troupe, and I love the name itself and the gold reference, but it doesn't feel as coppery and hard-edged as the image of what you want.

    Then Pandora, Pandorica, Arcadia and Parthenia are all in a clump of mixed feelings. I suspect if you picked any one of them I'd grow to love it right quick, but right now I'm having yes-then-no feelings about them.
    Phaedra's a great choice, it's just not calling to me. Desdemona isn't a name that I like in general, even though it's got a good image for the tale you spun. Lysistrata is a tongue-twister.

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    I've got to say that I love Evadne as a suggestion, and Bellatrix, but it is way to Harry Potter connected. Maybe Circe?

    Ah, nevermind, I see someone mentioned Pandorica. Fantastic. That's perfect. This is coming from a dedicated Whovian though, so there is a massive bias.
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