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    This or that? Boys Names

    Gideon or Wyatt?
    Roman or Rowan?
    Judge or Judson?
    Rhett or Rhys?
    Truman or Thackery?
    Anders or Adler?
    Brittany Leigh, but I prefer just Britt
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    Judson - I don't really care for either, though.
    Rhett - This one was really close for me. I think I could have just as easily chosen Rhys.
    Thackery - I prefer it spelled Thackeray.
    Anders - I very nearly picked Adler, but then I tried to imagine watching someone calling either of these names after a little boy, and Anders just made me happier.

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    Gideon or Wyatt - Wyatt
    Roman or Rowan - I love Rowan/Roan.
    Judge or Judson - neither
    Rhett or Rhys - I love both.
    Truman or Thackery - I love Thackeray (spelled this way).
    Anders or Adler - I like both.

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    Gideon or Wyatt? Gideon
    Roman or Rowan? Roman
    Judge or Judson? Judson
    Rhett or Rhys? Rhett
    Truman or Thackery? Truman
    Anders or Adler? Anders (though I like Anderson better, might be bias as its my fiances lastname)
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    Gideon or Wyatt? Gideon
    Roman or Rowan? Rowan
    Judge or Judson? not a fan of either, but if you put a gun to my head I'd pick Judson
    Rhett or Rhys? Rhys
    Truman or Thackery? Thackery, although like others I prefer the spelling Thackeray
    Anders or Adler? Anders
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