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    This or that? Girls names

    Brittany Leigh, but I prefer just Britt
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    Bliss or Briar - Briar
    Gwyneth or Gwendolyn - I am not a fan of either.
    Verity or Reverie - I like either one for a middle name only.
    Blake or Blaire - I like Blake for a boy and I am not a fan of Blair.
    Tempest or Temperance - neither
    Lorelei or Loretta - neither
    Cordelia or Coraline - I really like Coraline and I love Coralie.

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    Bliss or Briar? Briar, but I like Bliss as a middle name
    Gwyneth or Gwendolyn? Gwendolyn
    Verity or Reverie? Verity, though I'm not a fan of either
    Blake or Blaire? Blake
    Tempest or Temperance? Temperance
    Lorelei or Loretta? - Lorelei
    Cordelia or Coraline? love both but I would pick Coraline
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    Bliss or Briar? Briar, Bliss is a little too much
    Gwyneth or Gwendolyn? Gwendolyn
    Verity or Reverie? Reverie
    Blake or Blaire? Blaire but I like it spelled Blair better
    Tempest or Temperance? Tempest but I do not like either
    Cordelia or Coraline? Coraline
    Just a 15 year old name lover.

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    Briar! One of my fave nature names! I think I might really use this.
    Gwyneth, but it's too close to my own name. I have never really cared for Gwendolyn, but I don't know why. Gwen sounds funny to me.
    Verity! Love it!
    Blake or Blaire? hmmm, I am not into boyish names for girls. Blaire is similar to Claire, so the sound of Blaire is prettier to me.
    Tempest or Temperance? Neither are my style, but if I had to pick, I prefer Tempest.
    Only because it is shorter.
    Loretta - I like old fashioned names
    Cordelia or Coraline? I love them both. I would chose Coraline though because I love the Neil Gaiman character.

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