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    The new top Italian names!

    The new Italian top 30 is out! You can find it here.
    The top 30 makes up for 48% of the boys' names and 41% of the girls'.

    I was pretty excited to find out the new rankings, probably more than a normal human being would consider reasonable
    I think it's very interesting to note how many parents are starting to choose international names for their children: Rebecca, Nicole, Melissa, Christian, Gabriel.
    I also have to note how the list seems to fit the Nameberry style: names which are rare in the States and are site favorites crop up on the list (Beatrice and Alice!)

    My personal favorites:
    Viola, Noemi, Greta, Ginevra, Giada, Arianna, Ludovica
    Alessandro, Lorenzo, Riccardo, Luca, Edoardo

    What do you think? Which names are your favorites? Which are outright weird, and you would never choose for your children?
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    I'm happy to see that MOST names on the list are actually spelled the Italian way! Even common English sounding names like Alice are pronounced differently in Italy (ah-LEE-chay). Thanks for sharing!
    All the best,

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    Noemi is name perfection! I love Italian names!
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    As I've been learning Italian for the majority of my life, I enjoy seeing the top names being used in Italy. Thanks for posting. My favourites from this list are: Giorgia, Aurora, Chiara, Alice, Francesca, Ginevra, Matilde, Beatrice and Ludovica for the girls, and Alessandro, Lorenzo, Matteo, Tommaso, Pietro, Giovanni and Gabriel for the boys.

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