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    I love Alma with a longer middle that ends on a down-beat—Alma Corisande is beautiful.

    I immediately thought Alma Rosalind would be perfect.
    Alma Seraphine
    Alma Isobel
    Alma Celestine
    Alma Constance
    Alma Clemency

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    Alma is such a beautiful and light name name. It's very Scandinavian to me (Swedish in particular, but I think that has something to do with Astrid Lindgren and Emil i Lönneberga's mum being called Alma) and is very high on my own list as well.

    From your So-names, I really like Alma Soraya but the flow is a bit off for me. I would change Alma Solene to Alma Solenne because I think that one flows better. Is Thomasin supposed to be Thomasina? I think that Alma Thomasina sounds nice. Alma Zenobia is my favourite. I love Zenobia and she goes so beautifully with Alma. Alma Seraphina (though I prefer Serafina) would come in second for me.

    And some suggestions:
    Alma Sofie/Sophie (this would be a classic combination in Denmark, Sofie/Marie/Emilie/Amalie are the Danish equivalents of Rose, but I actually do think that Alma Sofie - or Sophie to make it more international - is a nice combination)
    Alma Sol (probably too short, but Sol is a lovely name/word meaning "sun" in Danish)
    Alma Solsikke (Danish word meaning "sunflower")
    Alma Sorcha (Gaelic name meaning "brightness", pronounced SURRA-kha)

    Alma Augustina
    Alma Elvina
    Alma Elysant
    Alma Fiorella
    Alma Georgiana
    Alma Hespera
    Alma Illyria
    Alma Josefina/Josephina
    Alma Olympia
    Alma Sesheta
    Alma Sibylla
    Alma Sunniva
    Alma Voirrey
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    Oooh! I like:
    Alma Philomene
    Alma Theodosia
    Alma Josephine
    Alma Rosalind
    Alma Zephyrine
    Alma Chrysanthe
    Alma Solome (though I think Salome is better despite it being Sa- and not So-)
    Alma Seraphine (you're right, it's sounds much better with Alma with the e-ending)
    Alma Celestine
    Alma Sophie (though it's a little short for my liking, but so sweet)
    Alma Elysant
    Alma Illyria
    Alma Olympia

    Yes, it should be Alma Thomasina!
    To me Alma is spanish and I've always associated it with morning and sunrise though it's meaning is different, it's just the image I get.

    Baby Cosima,
    expected to arrive in or around September

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    Btw how is Solsikke pronounced?

    Baby Cosima,
    expected to arrive in or around September

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    I love Alma Corisande!
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