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    I like the idea of Rosalind. Beautiful name with history and you still get the same meaning.
    Isabella and Sophia are beautiful names, obviously many parents agree. I personally don't care about popularity, but I'm in the minority here on NB. I do, however, think that if you're going to use a hugely popular first name, you should try to use a middle name that isn't as "filler". I think Rose and Grace are delightful, but hugely overdone in the middle spot.

    What do you think of Arabella or Miranda or Mirabel?
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    Beautiful suggestions! I should say she dislikes obscure names. She loves her name (Victoria Rose) because it is elegant and beautiful and she has only met two other Victoria's in her life. I think she is going for the same qualities in her daughters name. Something elegant and heard of,but not necessarily popular She also likes Alaina but babies father dislikes it because it reminds him of a former girlfriend.
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    Anastasia (resurrection)
    Angelina (angelic)
    Arianna (most holy)
    Aurelia (the golden one)
    Aurora (dawn)
    Emmeline (work)
    Evangeline (bearer of good news)
    Fiametta (little fiery one)
    Imogen (beloved child)
    Mirabella (wonderful)
    Primrose (first rose)
    Seraphina (ardent; fiery)
    Victoria (victorious)
    Violetta (violet)

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    Theodora- Means gift of god or divine gift. Dora as a nick name means gift. Thea as a nick name means divine or goddess. Divine Rose or Divine Grace as a nice meaning similar to Bella Rose, or Sofia Grace. Is a beautiful name.

    Seraphina- Just about as pretty as you can get. Meaning a type of angel the association is beautiful to. Seraphina Grace or Seraphina Rose would be beautiful.

    Arabella- Another way to get a Bella. Arabella is a graceful name that would go well with either of her favorite middle names.

    Tabitha- Meaning gazelle. It has an elegant sound and meaning. Taby as a nickname is a adorable as well.

    Good luck. Both Sofia and Isabella are beautiful names, and might be worth bestowing even if she might have a few in her class.

    Good luck and congratulations for your sister.

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