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    Jack is number 2 in Australia (previously number 1) but in the US its much less common. I adore Jack because its straight to the point and its a classic (24 in the 1900's in NSW)
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    Quote Originally Posted by babymama002 View Post
    I really like Jack Douglas!

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    Quote Originally Posted by babymama002 View Post
    Out of those I really like Jack Douglas. Very handsome.

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    Where I live, Jack is about at the same level as Charlotte and Lucy - and all your names go great together. I'm biased because my brother is a Nathan and my sister has a Jack. She planned to use Jack since she was a little girl (it was our grandpa's name) and stuck with it even though it got popular. It's bold to choose an unusual name, but I think there's a certain boldness in choosing the name you love despite popularity, too. FWIW, most boys and men I know care less about having an unusual name than girls.

    Jack Douglas is great. My friend has a little Marshall, and I love it as a FN if you were thinking of moving any of your MNs to the front.
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    Thanks, Ladies! I'm going to pitch Jack Douglas to my husband and see what he says!
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