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    Namer's remorse, 5years late...

    I'm starting to really regret naming my eldest, who is about to turn 5, Isla. I am very critical of anyone naming their kids hard to spell/pronounce names and here I am with an Izzla or Ice-la:-/
    Also in my town and surrounding areas I know at least 4 other Islas (some spelled Isla, Ila and Iyla (double eww!)). Not to mention a couple Lilahs which are pronounced the same. When I chose her name it was just barely in the top 1000, now it's top 100 in Vermont! To top it off, we are trying to come up with a name for #3 and it seems hard to find names that "go" with it. The name suits her and she gets positive feedback when she tells her name to people but I'm just a bit...regretful.
    Anyone else feel this way?

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    I'm sorry for your regrets, but it's still a beautiful name. And if you look on the bright side, one of your problems with it should in time solve the other...i.e. as Isla grows in popularity it will become more familiar and get mispronounced less.

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    I feel sorry for you but try to look on the bright side and take it as a compliment to your taste. I have a teenage stepson Mason (named before it was uber popular) but he still likes his name. Hopefully your daughter still loves/will love her name and being a trend-setter!
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    Best Wishes To All

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    dramagrl19 Guest
    Isla is a beautiful name and I think you should keep it.

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    Yeah I def won't change it and still think it's beautiful. I'm just feel kind of embarrassed when someone asks how I spell it or ask if it's a family name...

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