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    We love Richard Thorne -I'm Scottish/British and my husband is French American so it's hard to agree on a name but we love this one- it's classy and powerful with some "sass"!!!!! Thank you so much for helping us.

    As for the other name… still looking for something old fashioned… with poise.

    Montgomery and Monroe are family favorites but we can't seem to find a good middle name for both... help!!
    Orlando, Orion and Lansing are my husband favorites
    I really love Scotland -mainly because I'm Scottish- but not sure if will be too much plus I need to find a good middle name.
    Lawrence Monroe sounds great!!
    Nolan Montgomery sounds amazing!!

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    I really like August and Nolan together.

    August Orlando and Nolan Montgomery would be lovely.

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    Clarence Graham: Not a fan of Clarence, it makes me picture a frail, overprotected, nerdy upper-class boy in the 19th century. I like Graham. Clarence would be better as a middle name...what about Graham Clarence?
    Montgomery Nolan/James/Finn: Montgomery is too surnamy and seems pretentious to me, and I dislike the nicknames (Monty, Gummy...shudder). I don't care for Nolan but like James and Finn. If Montgomery is a family name, James Montgomery or Finn Montgomery would be good.
    Richard Thorne: I love Richard and Thorne is OK as a middle name.
    Orlando Blake: I like Orlando...Blake is OK but they don't really seem to go together...Orlando is romantic and Italian and old-fashioned, Blake stolid and English-surnamy and rather trendy.
    August Kenneth: I love this one! Both names are handsome, classic, and underused these days, and they sound wonderful together.
    Grant Maison/Logan/Thomas: Grant is good. I really dislike Maison, it means "house" in French and seems like a fancified version of the way-trendy Mason. Logan and Thomas are both better. Grant Thomas runs together like Gran Thomas so I'd go with Grant Logan.
    Monroe Lawrence/James/Luca: I don't care for Monroe, too surnamy and doesn't seem handsome as a first name. I like Lawrence and James. Luca is handsome on an Italian guy but seems trendy and hipster-ish on a guy with no Italian background.
    Clayton Finn: Clayton is totally not my style. I like Finn though.
    Scotland Elijah/James: I very passionately dislike Scotland as a name. Elijah and James are both good but need a better first name.
    Lansing Edgar: Lansing seems like a totally random and unromantic place to name after...I can at least see the appeal of Scotland even if I don't care for place names. I like Edgar but it needs a first name that complements it better.
    Nicholas Scott: Two great names...the only thing I don't like is the way the S's run together...Nicholascott, Nicola Scott, Nicholas Cott.
    Elijah James: Two great names that go well together style-wise...the two J sounds so close together are slightly jarring but that's my only nitpick.

    So my favorites are August Kenneth, Richard Thorne, Grant Logan, Nicholas Scott, and Elijah James. Some more ideas:

    Lawrence Graham
    Malcolm Finn
    Orlando Finn
    Orlando Vincent
    Orlando Lawrence
    Caleb Finn
    Conrad Finn
    Lachlan Edgar
    Lucian Edgar
    Nathaniel Scott
    Elijah Miles

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    I like August Thorne & Monroe Finn a lot together. They have that classy feel, without being to presumptuous (like Montgomery). Other suggestions:

    Raphael Severus Percy Mercury Arthur Vladimir Fox Peregrine
    . . . . Rafa Pip Dart Fox . . . . . . . . .
    Marguerite Ophélie Elisabet Valentina Catherine Xochitl Aliénor Francesca
    Meg Sabet Cato Léu . . . . . .
    Lavender Felicitas Miuccia Immaculée Alceo Willem Balthasar Jannes

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