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    Cool Honest opinions on my favorite baby names please! πŸ’›πŸ’›

    Hey everyone! I am a recently married 23 year old who won't be having any babies anytime soon, but I am a planner! These are my favorite names so far...honest opinions please! I am so indecisive! I love names that are not so common yet not strange... Last name is Schultz if that helps πŸ˜„

    -Declan- Love this name but I am worried about it being pronounced as De-CLAN?
    -Henry- might be too formal with a middle name like Charles...

    **His middle name would be Charles after his dad and grandfather

    -Adeline (or Adeleine) I love this name! My great great great grandmother's name was Mary Adeline. However, I am worried that it would be pronounced Adalynn...
    -Madeline (or Madeleine)
    -Ruby- It is my great grandmothers name however my parents hate it!
    -Harper- might be too common

    **Optional middle names for her would be either May (with a Y after my maiden name) or Claire/Clairene (my great grandmother is named Clairene).

    Thanks everyone! πŸ’›πŸ’›

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