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    LOL my last name is Scholze and on our list was Adeline, Adelaide and Elodie. Since Shultz is a one syllable name it makes sense to go for 3 syllable firsts and 2 syllable middles. Ada and Elle are very sweet nn. Also names with A, L work well with the last name for whatever reason.
    Declan, Finn and Elliot are very nice choices.

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    fiammetta Guest
    From your list I like Finn (though only as a nickname for Finnegan or Finnian), Everett and Henry. Everett Charles and Henry Charles are lovely. As are Finnegan Charles and Finnian Charles if you like them.

    For the girls, Ruby is the only name I like. I want to like Adeline, but it still feels too geriatric for me. Ruby May and Ruby Claire are nice.

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    Since you have so many opinions already

    I'll make it quick.


    Declan Charles is a great name and combination, and I think Declan is familiar enough to avoid the mispronunciation issues. It's my favorite of your choices!

    Elliot, Porter and Sawyer are also nice and sound great with Charles.

    I do think Henry Charles sounds nice, but it is a bit formal and Henry is becoming increasingly popular


    Adeline is a beautiful name (one of my top choices), and sounds great with either May or Claire. This is my favorite.

    Madeline is beautiful as well, but it will inevitably be shortened to Maddy, and she'll share that with several others in her class.

    Piper is cute; I'd use Piper May

    Ellie May sounds adorable, but very young. It's also quite popular if you're concerned with that.

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