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Thread: Gael?

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    Regardless of its good points I think it's a name that has a lot of potential to be socially uncomfortable for a boy growing up, at least in the US. First of all, there's the fact that it sounds close to "gay"...second of all, there's the fact that it sound like the feminine (nick)name Gail. Since you're thinking of it as a middle name, most of that is alleviated...I personally wouldn't want to give my son a middle name he might be embarrassed if his peers found out, but if you really love it then it might win out.

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    It is pronounced ga-yell, according to it's page on Nameberry.

    @chestnutmare - yeah, that's kind of the only problem with Gael. I would only ever use it in the middle spot, 1. Because of teasing potential 2. Because I wouldn't be brave enough to use that name in the first spot.
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