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Thread: Gael?

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    This name has a lot of meaning to me. It would be used in the middle spot only.
    It means wild in Welsh, which kind of reflects my imagery of my future little ones.

    I want your honest opinion on Gael. Does it look like a silly misspelling of Gale?

    Thank you.

    Jude, blackbird.

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    I love it. Not so much for a girl, but definitely handsome on a boy.
    Due March 2015!

    Favorite names to come.

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    I like it. I live near Saint Mary's College in California, and their sports teams are called the Gaels, so it mostly reminds me of that. I think it's distinctive, though, and as a middle? Easy, no problem.

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    I LOVE Gale... never considered Gael before, even though I lived in Wales for 5 years!

    I think they are pronounced differently though, Gael is more like - Gay-el.

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    Ooh, I love it! I always thought it was handsome on Gael Garcia Bernal, but I never knew its meaning. I like it much more now. I like Gale on a boy as well, but I think that Gael is fantastic.

    Is it pronounced the same as Gale, or is it pronounced more like guy-el? Or are there two separate names both spelled Gael?

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