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    Looking to Narrow Down Our List!!!

    We are looking for help in narrowing down our list of names...which has taken us months to get to! Our son is due in a couple of months, so we still have some time...but I would love to get some feedback on our choices:

    Gavin Ellis, Luke Marius, Leo Emerson, Javi Leonidas, Landon Cole, and Auden Romare.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I like all your options, with the exception of Landon Cole. I've just never liked either name. Of the rest, I would rank them as follows:

    Luke Marius
    Gavin Ellis
    Auden Romare
    Javi Leonidas
    Leo Emerson

    But it sounds like you can't really go wrong!
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    Here is my feedback on your name list. My faves are bolded.

    Gavin Ellis - I like Ellis but this combo blends into each other (Gavinellis)
    Luke Marius - my favourite combo. Strong and handsome
    Leo Emerson - I love the spunky Leo. Emerson is ok and I'm happy to see it used for a boy!
    Javi Leonidas - Javi sounds like a nickname for the coffee and computer language Java. I'm not a fan. Leonidas is pretty cool.
    Landon Cole - trendy and predicable. There are probably many boys with this combo running around.
    Auden Romare - interesting mix of literary surname and a romantic sounding mn. I think it works.
    All the best,

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    My favorite is Landon Cole. Very handsome name. Second favorite would be Leo Emerson. Luke Emerson would tie it for first.

    In order from favorite to least favorite with the other names would be - Luke Marius, Gavin Ellis, Auden Romare, and Javi Leonidas.

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    I love Luke Marius!
    After that my favourites would be Auden Romare then Leo Emerson.
    I like Leonidas but Javi is nms.

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