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    Xander vs Zander

    My husband are beginning to narrow down names and we both like (X)Zander but absolutely cannot agree on how it should be spelled.

    I like Zander, he likes Xander. I feel that people will call him X-ander and he will constantly be correcting people. Also, I feel that if we were naming him Alexander, it would be more appropriate to have an X.

    For all of you X people out there...make me a believer!

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    Is he going to be Alexander nn X/Zander?

    Either way, I much prefer the Xander spelling because it matches Alexander and I just prefer it generally. I don't really think anyone would say X-ander, it doesn't seem very intuitive. I could be wrong, but people can always be corrected. And I presume you're basing this off people saying X-avier which is something that baffles me anyway.
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    I think the "X" spelling of Xander looks better. Both are trendy but Zander "looks" like a phonetic spelling rather than a legitimate one. If we keep overworrying about mispronouncing names that begin with "X", they would all turn into "Z" names and then we'd have no cool "X" names left.
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    I prefer Xander, both as a nn for Alexander and on its own. Zander seems unfinished to me somehow, while Xander looks more like a full name. I don't think you'd have a problem with pronunciation, maybe if you were using Xavier (because of X-men!) but not with Xander.

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    XANDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loooooooove the name Xander. PLEASE use Xander!!!! Zander looks like a tryndee misspelling (and I usually prefer alternative spellings).

    Xander, Xander, Xander!!!!!!

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