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    Your Ideal Twin boy names?

    Im just curious because in my dream world, I would have a set of twin boys.

    Does anyone have twin boys? If so what are they called? and If not, what would you name your ideal set of twin boys if you were given a free reign?

    I would call mine:

    Hector Cyril John Walter
    Leopold Emrys John Peter

    yes I know three middle names is a bit much but hey...its my dream world!

    They would both have John as a middle name to honor my darling father whom I love insanely.

    Peter is to honor my Grandfather who again I love dearly.

    Emrys is slightly out there but its to honor my welsh heritage which I am proud of....and in Merlin, Emrys is Merlin's alternative name (I would love to have twins named Morgana and Emrys but I dont think I could get away with whole family got very into the TV show when it was on!)

    Cyril is gorgeous but I could never get away with it as a first name unfortunatly. (Cyril and Basil would make excellent twins!)

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    I would not name twins, triplets, etc any different than I would singles. For twin boys I would use my top 2 boys' names, Asher Boone and Bennett Wolf.

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    I agree with the previous poster.

    Salem Peter and Boden Clark

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    I would name twins differently to singletons. Me and my husband feel we could both use individual favourites that the other likes but maybe doesnt love. Not sure if that makes sense to anyone elsr?!
    For example, if we had a girl I would love Pearl and he would love Daphne. Neither of us quite love the others choice enough but we think Daphne and Pearl would be wonderful girl twins.
    Same for Thomas and Patrick the boy twins!

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    I like Hector and Emrys


    Leopold reminds me of something in history which I only dimly remember (my ignorance seems to increase as my memory goes!), but which is to me an unpleasant association.

    Also while I love Leonard and Leonid and Lionel. the -pold sound in Leopold sounds, well, cold.

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