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Thread: Totally lost...

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    Totally lost...

    We have a little girl named Clara Lucille (both are family names but also fit into our naming style). We picked it probably within a month of finding out I was pregnant and I loved it the entire time. My daughter has always been a Clara.

    Before we found out the gender of baby number 2 we picked out Adelaide for a girl. When we found out it was another girl, I immediately had doubts about the name. I still like it, but it's not this baby's name. DH thinks I'm a little crazy but said if I don't like it we can keep looking.

    We'd discussed Millie at the beginning and I keep coming back to it, even though there are other names I like more. It just feels right to me. DH likes Millie but won't name a nickname. So I guess I have two questions:

    Are there some other full names for Millie besides - Mildred and Camilla (no from both), Millicent (yes from me, no from him), Emily, and Amelia (we're both lukewarm on those)

    Or are there other names maybe I haven't come across yet that are in this same style? We like old fashioned, simple, preferably out of the top 50 or so, and ideally would go with Ann as a middle but that's not an absolute.

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    Matilda was the first name that popped out to me, I can see the nickname Millie coming out on that.. And you can also switch between Millie and Tilda as a nickname for this name.

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    Romilly is my favorite name for Millie as a nn. Also-

    Mirabel (Millie could be a nice change from the expected nn Bella)

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    I like Mirabel! I'll save that one to ask DH about.

    I love Matilda, but in that case she'd be a Tilly. DH actually liked Tilly better than Millie but we run into the same "full name" issue. He doesn't like Matilda or Natalie very much.

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