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    Question Natural twin births...

    The boys are due at the end of January, and I've been thinking about how I'd like to bring them into the world. My first choice would be a natural water birth at home, but obviously them being a pair complicates things a bit :/ My doctor has said everything looks good, and we'll be continuing to visit him regularly up until the birth, so I was wondering, what does everyone think? Has anyone here had a natural water birth? Anyone with twins?
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    I'm all for natural birth and a water birth sounds great to me. However, a home birth does not. If this is your first pregnancy and first birth, there's no way I'd try for a home birth. I'd be terrified of complications. Especially with twins, there is an excellent chance at least one may need to be delivered via C-section.
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    From what I've read/heard it can be difficult to find a midwife who will handle natural at-home twin births because of the risk of complications. Like Sarahmezz said, an at-home birth would probably be very risky. Do you have any birth centres in your area? Again, they might not be able to take you on due to the risks associated with twins, but I know there are some birth centres that are in hospitals that might be able to do it (all the calming atmosphere of a birth centre with an OR for a C-section down the hall if it becomes necessary!).

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    I'd love a water birth in the future, though I know where I am they wouldn't allow you to birth in water with multiples, only labour. There is a good chance with a natural twin birth of the second twin having to be delivered via C-section so I don't think many professionals would agree to assist you in a home birth. It's good that your doc supports your choice on a natural birth with twins instead of opting for a schedules C-section straight away

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    I've had 2 natural births. My first was in the hospital, the second was a home water birth and this last baby will be the same assuming all goes well. I highly recommend being in the water if you can - I often say it cut my pain with contractions in half (as I realized the couple times I got out to pee and had a contraction out of the water!) That said, I agree that you may have a hard time finding someone who will allow a water birth with twins. I've seen 2 different extremely reputable midwives and if you are found to be having twins neither will deliver you at home. A birth centre that's part of a hospital is probably your best bet if you are in the US (if you are elsewhere the tolerance for out of hospital twin births will likely be higher.)

    I didn't feel comfortable doing a home birth with my first (both mine were singletons), but it can be done, and with twins. I am a photographer that occasionally shoots births and I can tell you from personal experience that you can birth twins at home - I've seen it! However, it was the woman's third/fourth children.

    I have a close friend who recently delivered twins naturally in the hospital with a regular OB. A lot had to do with positioning - twin A must be head down (twin B's presentation is less important) and she delivered in the OR just in case they had to do an emergency c-section. I think this is fairly standard practice with OBs in the US.

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