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Thread: WDYT Tilden

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    WDYT Tilden

    I just found Tilden. It was popular in the 1880's and disappeared but has resurfaced with a handful of births over the last few years.

    I'm just wondering if you berries think it'll pop up again like Archer (popular in 1880s, disappeared, and has boomed over the last few years) or if it will slowly disappear again. Also if you think it will be a girl pick over a boy pick (8 boys and 5 girls in 2011, I honestly didn't check last year)

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    I really don't see this name taking off like some others have, but who's to say for sure? If the boy to girl usage ratio is already that close, it probably won't be considered a truly masculine name. The nickname Tilly comes to mind and is clearly more feminine.

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    Makes me think of actress Tilda Swinton. I agree with pp that it will have feminine sounding nicknames. I could see it gaining popularity on the girls' side, but I doubt it will be Top 100 material.

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    It doesn't do anything for seems surnamy, and like just another of those "Any syllable + en/an/in/on" boy names that are so popular right now.

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    I also think it sounds just a tad too feminine... Although the 'den' makes it ok. Not a favourite for me, though...
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