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  • Claret

    2 3.70%
  • Sterling

    18 33.33%
  • Cordovan

    0 0%
  • Titian

    1 1.85%
  • Mauve

    5 9.26%
  • Auburn

    1 1.85%
  • Roan

    8 14.81%
  • Topaz

    1 1.85%
  • Emerald

    11 20.37%
  • Cerise

    7 12.96%
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Thread: Color Names?

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    Color Names?

    I find myself drawn to color names, though would probably save most for dog or cat names. Still, some of them appeal for human being names too. I think my liking comes from an early and continuing passion for Crayola crayons and for colors in general!

    And I sure hope this thread is calm and no one calls me a colorist, whatever that might prove to be.

    My No-No Color Names:
    Cyan (cyanide)
    Steel, Buff, and Brick (just ended their soap opera careers)
    Beige and Greige (my least favorite color and a super ugly word respectively - if these, why not Taupe, Tan, and Biscuit as well?)
    Zinc (a lozenge to suck when the throat hurts)

    Color Names I Like for a Companion Animal:
    Burgundy (cool, tumbling sort of word and lovely color)
    Cordovan (rich sounding, reminds me inexplicably of Naugahyde, a word I've loved forever, as I used to think it was a type of animal when I was VERY young)
    Mahogany (again, lush, brown word, but does contain "hog")
    Crimson (great Z sound, but a bit too suggestive of blood)

    Color Names I Might Consider for a Person:
    Claret (despite wine associations, I love this word)
    Emerald and Topaz (not sure if these suggest overly wild women? but I do like the names)
    Mauve, Cerise, Ginger, Lilac, Marigold (all old-fashioned, which is my tendency in name preferences)
    Titian (super cool word and name, though there is the unfortunate tit- beginning for those who don't know how to pronounce it)
    Viridian or Viridiana (lovely to me)
    Auburn and Russet and Roan for boys (autumnal and rich)
    And finally my favorite Sterling for a boy of a sterling character

    What do you think? I am sure I am missing a bunch of colors....

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    I love Sterling for a boy. I just like the strong sound of it, the cool and serene image of sterling silver. Also, I would hope that any child would have many "sterling qualities" in their character that would make a parent proud. I have a soft spot for Auburn and Emerald for girls (I love Meraud which is a version of Emerald). I love the art of Titian but I wouldn't choose it for a child due to its teasing potential. I have a feeling that the general population would just butcher it because they would mispronounce the first syllable. Viridian/Viridiana is gorgeous and two guilty pleasures are Cyan and Crimson.
    All the best,

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    Lavender (although that's more of a flower than colour).
    I like Cyan (I can't help but see cyanide now though after reading your post
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    I like Emerald best. So striking! And I went to college and got married in Seattle "The Emerald city" so that would be a fun way to tie it to a name.

    I would also add Grey/Gray and Indigo (my fav color).
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    I like Emerald, Topaz, Marigold, Lilac, and Cerise of yours. I voted for Emerald but I knew a Topaz once who was lovely.

    Sterling is all right for a boy but I wouldn't really use it.

    I'd add a few.


    Pink, actually, but only as a middle name.
    Dove, if dove grey counts, and I hope it does, but I'd only use it as a middle name.

    Amber and Tawny have a rather '80s feel to me but I secretly like them because I like their warm golden quality.

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