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    I'm obsessed with the name Marlo/Marlow/Marlowe for a girl. When I hear the name, I think it sounds ethereal and would grow nicely into an adult name. However, I'm aware not everyone feels that way about the name and I don't want to burden my daughter with a name that's too masculine. I also wonder if the middle name we've chosen (Rose in honor of a family member) makes it sound too "O" heavy.

    What do you all think?

    Also, which spelling do you prefere? Marlo/Marlow/Marlowe?
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    Marlo makes me think of actress Marlo Thomas. Marlow looks like it lost its "e". My favourite is Marlowe (like writer Christopher Marlowe). I like the name well enough and I don't find it too masculine for a girl. Marlowe Rose has repetitive "o" sounds but family significance trumps flow every time.
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    I also like Marlowe best. The combo Marlowe Rose feels a tad uninventive, but since Rose is a family name and not just filler, can't come down too hard on you for that. I think the name has a sweet, gentle, slightly mysterious feel to it.
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    I know a teenager named Marlow. It fits her well.

    I think it's similarity to Margot makes it familiar enough to people without feeling utterly fake. It has a pleasant enough sound, though I dislike Marley.

    I don't really prefer any of the spellings, any of them could work.
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    Marlow or Marlowe work for me. I have mostly seen it with an E at the end, so I'd go with that.
    I would certainly pair is with a super femme name like Rose, even if there's double O sound.
    Also there are quite a few Rose names:
    Marlowe Rosalie*I think the lee ending balances out the r and o sounds in the first name

    Marlowe Rosamund

    Marlowe Rosalind* Love this

    Marlowe Rosabel or Marlowe Rosalyn

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