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    I'm only 18, but I love naming. I've always been a lot different from kids I went to school with, and when I was young, I'd research baby names to name a baby doll, so I think it's always been something for me. I live in a very small town (less than 2000 people) in Ontario Canada, about an hour or so from Toronto. I plan on having children one day, because I love them so much. All my life, I've only ever wanted to work with kids and have my own family. When I turned 16 and told my parents I wanted to go into preschool/kindergarten, they weren't surprised at all, I don't think anyone was. As a child, I wanted 12+ kids (Cheaper by the Dozen influenced me), but now I'm looking to the more realistic goal of 4-8. I think after 8, I'd be tearing my hair out, but who knows. Maybe I'll end up as the mother of the next Duggar family!

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    I'm an almost-20-year-old university student from the DC metro area, currently a sophomore in film school in Southern California. Like most of the rest of you, I've been obsessed with names since childhood-- my best friend and I used to use up all our preschool/kindergarten's paper writing long stories with crazy amounts of carefully named characters. To this day I can't quite figure out whether my love of names triggered my love of literature or the other way around.

    I'm white, single, raised Methodist but currently somewhere between atheist and agnostic, vegetarian and very liberal.
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    The categories I fall under are: Late 30s, struggling with infertility, history of miscarriages, name lover
    I have an uncommon name, so I have been a name enthusiast ever since I can remember. Although, I think I would still be intrigued by names even if I was one of the many Jennifers or Sarahs of my generation.
    When I was a pre-teen I checked out all the baby name books in the library many times. I have a binder full of all the names I have ever heard. I have been searching my favorite name combo for a future male or female child for years. Hopefully, I will have at least one someday...
    I enjoy helping people discover new names, chose a name or name combo for their future child, and reading name blogs.

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    I am 22 year old Christian, future teacher, small town girl who is married to my hs sweetheart (married 1 and a half years but we've been together for 6.5 years). Originally from Oregon but now living in California (USA) for my husband's job. We are hoping to start ttc in the next year but I have had some past health issues that doctors have said may complicate things so hopefully everything goes smoothly. I have loved names since I was little but did not find this website until about 2 years ago so now this is my name outlet along with a journal. Thank you for doing this post! I have wondered the same thing for a while now as well.

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    Western Australia
    I'm a 14 year old Australian who's loved names since she was 7. Unlike many berries I live in a small country town and go to a catholic boarding school. I'm 3/4 Scottish and 1/4 English. My grandma came over from Scotland in her early 20's and my grandfather came over from England around the same time and both my pop and nana's families came over from scotland sometime in the past century.
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