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    Curious About Nameberry Demographics?

    When I first visited nameberry a few years back, I assumed that the community was mostly composed of pregnant women and women about to become so. I thought no further than that.

    Then as I began to post threads and respond to others, my view widened.

    Teenagers appeared and feminists and fundamentalist, homeschooling Christians (and not always as separate entities). I realized - duh! - that this is an international site and reveled in the comments from Australia, Scandinavia, and elsewhere. While many of those writing in are pregnant or soon to be, many are years away from doing so, if indeed they will do so at all. One woman has at the bottom of her comments a line about not planning to have children, but loving naming them.

    And that comment, and the diversity of the online community, heartens me. While I yearned to have children and it nearly killed me that my two (named) conceptions* ended so very soon, I have always been an impassioned namer.

    I have been wary of mentioning that I am not now nor will be in the future pregnant or adopting. My fear has been that I could be seen as envious, or a hanger-on to others' fertility, or somehow just not part of the club. The same light in which some parents view the "childless" as out of the loop.

    Most of the time, I don't feel this way and I delight in discussing names. But I am curious if there are other quiet or silent subgroups in this community: those struggling with infertility, or having to imagine a life without the yearned-for child, or remembering an unborn baby. Similarly, I wonder if there are those who don't especially like kids, but love names, or middle-aged or older women who had (or didn't have) their children long ago. I wonder which ethnic groups participate and which don't and where all the men are.

    Whatever the answers, I consider it a good discussion forum that includes such varying ages, beliefs, backgrounds, and experiences. It's hard to find this in our fast-paced, clique-ridden society and I appreciate it here.

    (Please don't eviscerate me as this was a hard thread to write).

    * Owen Michael Russell, would have been born October 9, 2001
    * Cordelia Elizabeth Marjorie, would have been born March 7, 2002
    May they rest in peace.
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    I am a young woman in my childbearing age and stage who has a few young kids as well as a history of pregnancy loss. I'm a working mom, an orthodox Jew, American, and a secret name lover I spend my time in Berryland mainly while nursing, as an enjoyable escape from the craziness of everyday life. While I love reading about, discussing, and combining names, I use strictly biblical ones, so this fun hobby of mine is mostly for enjoyment and wistful thinking.

    That's me!

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    When I was a teenager I feel in love with names although this particular site did not exist then or at least I did not know about it. When I was in college I was on here too just to play with names and keep my future name stash up to date. Now that I am married I have been on here while my dh and I were ttc and that was a few years ago that we started trying after my dh had his vesectomy reversal(which failed to work again). We tried IVF in May 2012 for the first time and I know have a baby boy. We are starting the process of a FET(frozen embryo transfer) in Jan. 2014. I am super excited for this and am thinking of names for those two potential offspring. I am 26 and a stay at home mommy loving every minute of it! I live in the Midwest of America in a moderately small town. And yes I am religious but not so much so that all my baby names are from the bible although I have a few from there that I do like but mostly like unusal, rarely used, old fashioned, and international names.

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    I can't imagine anyone will eviscerate you for a thoughtful post and genuine (natural) curiosity.

    We're officially TTC after the first of the year, but I've been able to think about little else since we decided we were ready. Focusing on making our names lists and reading pregnancy and parenting books keeps me sane while we wait! I also have conversion classes to serve a distraction. I've always been a-rellgious, but my husband is Jewish. We're both looking forward to raising our kids in his culture/faith. We're both practically a caricature of your standard caucasian, young(ish) lawyer, though he's a total socialist while I'm a Rockefeller Republican type.

    I mostly post on Nameberry while I'm avoiding doing the few parts of my job I truly hate, waiting on a jury, waiting on a client, or waiting for my husband (who works what seems like a million hours a week) to get home/meet me for dinner/etc.

    I, too, really like that Nameberry is collection of so many different people. Within a group who all love names, you still manage to get a variety of perspectives here. Plus it's fun!
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    I came on nameberry when I was pregnant, but I just like names and I'm still here even though we don't plan to have any more children.

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