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    Last thoughts on names before the birth!

    We're due in less than a month, and as we're still blind on the baby's gender, we've tentatively decided on a boy and girl name (many thanks to all those who helped/gave suggestions!):

    Kaspar Sloan
    Dominica Sabine (originally mn Sage, which I LOVE, but DH pointed out it would sound like "Dominica's age")

    What do you think? Is there anything potentially embarrassing or negative or tease-able that we've overlooked? Does it flow well? Is it versatile enough to grow with my child? Golly I'm so nervous, everything about having my first kid is frazzling the inner control freak in me...
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    Don't worry, all will go well I'm sure . Your name choices aren't potentially embarrassing at all, so no need to worry about your child getting teased over his or her name. I think the boy names flow best, but really, who ever says both of their names aloud anyway, flow isn't of the utmost importance! Good luck with the birth!

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    Since I have an irrational aversion to the letter "K" (it began long before the Kardashian clan appeared on the scene but they have made it even worse), I'm not a fan of Kaspar. Caspar, Casper and Gaspar all fine but the "K" just downgrades the name for me. Sloan isn't a fave of mine either. It just reminds me of London's Sloane Square/Rangers and downer words like moan, groan, drone etc... However, I do confess that the two names do flow well together. I don't have any problem about your girls combo. Dominica Sabine is lush, feminine and pretty.
    All the best,

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    What about Caspian? K names are often seen as lower class, for whatever reasons, plus there will be the perception among many that you misspelled Casper.

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    sounds pretty, but it also sounds like dominatrix to me. It's OK, just mentioning that immediate association.

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