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    I Don't Love Any Of My Girls Names?

    I have a massive list for girls names, and thanks to a number of things, I don't actually love any of them. If you have any favourites on my list, please tell me why you love them? Hopefully some positive reinforcement will help :-)

    Millicent (Millie)

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    Favourites from your list and why I love them? Okay.

    Isabelle- I love this since I was 8 y.o. It's soft, sweet, princessy but not over frilly. Romantic, beautiful, elegant, and on and on. This is my favourite -belle name and I know (though I hate the popularity) I'd love to have a daughter with this name. I am one of those people who avoid mega popular names, but I think I'll make an exception for Isabelle because she's so beautiful and has a personal connection to me (while constantly praying so she's far away from popular at the time I actually have children).

    Violet- I prefer Violetta myself, but here we go: I love Violet because she's beautiful, flowery, elegant, but down-to-earth. Violet can be that rich & super popular kid in your school, an independent & solitarian by nature, bookish girl, artsy girl, fashionista.. She fits many imageries of mine and simply has a pleasing sound, whether you pronounce it with Vi- or Vee- like I do.

    Florence- name of a childhood friend of mine. She's such a sweet girl and she made me love her name. I adore Flo and I'm always glad when someone love/about to use/actually use such an underused gem like her.

    Minerva- this one is growing on me (for the last few years). Thanks to the Roman goddess and McGonagal. Minerva's a strong and beautiful name with a very cute nickname, Minnie (Eva can works too, I think). I still prefer Athena myself but Minerva is really lovely.

    Iris- Goddess of rainbow. She is simple yet enchanting, imo. Due to a language problem I can't use her myself, but I'm always glad when someone else does.

    Catherine- though Miss Earnshaw is not the best namesake, Wuthering Height's actually the one that made me in love with this name. This is my favourite classic name (beside Caroline). Beautiful, elegant, and timeless. I always have a soft spot for Catherine.

    I also really like Clara, Agnes, Josephine, Araminta, Isadora, Eulalie, Adelaide, and Pearl from your list.
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    Your list contains several of my favorites as well as a number of names I can't see on a child of mine but would love to see on someone else's child!

    Eleanor - One of my most favorite names. Eleanor of Aquitaine and Eleanor Roosevelt are both former bearers of the name. It has at least two accessible nn - Ele and Nora - and probably others. It's feminine without being frilly.

    Evelyn - It sounds so sophisticated but nn Evie (eh-vee or ee-vee) makes for a nice familial alternative. I always picture someone fashionable (but not trendy) with long, shiny hair and perfect posture.

    Ariana - this has been on and off my list, mostly for nn Ari. I hate the meaning of Ariana but love the sound. Despite the high concentration of vowels, Ariana continues to feel like a reasonably serious name to me rather than something flaky and flighty.

    Beatrice - If you've not seen it, read the (short) story of Dante's decision to name one of his guides Beatrice. It's as charming as the name itself and should restore your faith in Beatrice's appeal!

    Florence - The Tuscan province is reason enough to love this name! Beautiful architecture, fantastic galleries, and its historic distinction as heart of the Renaissance are just the tip of the iceberg. It's undoubtedly because of this that I always imagine a girl named Florence would be creative, romantic, and contemplative. Plus, if you like cute nn, it doesn't get much cuter than Florry and Flossie.

    Constance - I'm generally not into virtue names, but Constance has such an upstanding, blue-blood, Pilgrim feel to it that I can't help but like it. I always imagine a little Constance (and a grown one!) in possession of brains, beauty, and impeccable manners - able to work within the system but occasionally striking out of it for the sheer joy of the mini-scandal it causes.

    Catherine - Quite possibly the best heroine/strong woman name out there. (Well, Elizabeth gives Catherine a good run for the title). This is a name that will never go out of style. While most names rise and fall every 100 years or so, Catherine will probably always enjoy healthy usage. Catherine the Great might be the most famous/prestigious bearer, but countless other Catherines have presided over European nations. Catherine Elizabeth was my favorite name for a very long time; I abandoned it because Kate Middleton came along. But trying to convince you reminds me how wonderful the name is! As if the history weren't' enough, you have numerous nn options - Cate/Kate/Katie, Cat, Kitty, and probably others.

    Hopefully someone else will help you out with some of your other names; these were the ones I felt most strongly deserved defense!
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    I think this is an exceptional name. I love the M and R and L sounds combined with the softness of the double A's. And it has great nickname potential -- Rilla and basically any nickname for Mary. I would name her Marilla and call her Mamie, which I also adore.

    I have always loved this one. Heck, I even love Maple, though more for a soft brown dog. Again, Mamie as a nickname. I think Mabel is sweet yet pioneer strong like Marilla. In fact, all the nicknames I love were probably used as pioneer names as opposed to Bambi which I'm pretty sure was not.

    Prettier than Arabella even, particularly since Bella has grown stale. Love Minty and Minta as nicknames. A fresh and revitalizing name to me.

    With Maudie as a nickname, very strong (Bea Arthur was no wimp!) and yet old-fashioned. I taught To Kill a Mockingbird to ninth graders for years so I always envision nice Miss Maudie across the street.

    Lovely name, lovely plant. Not much nickname potential. Nice middle?

    Love this name! Pioneer strength, 4 syllable -a ending, cozy like hens but with myriad nicknames: Hetty, Hattie, Etta, etc. Great choice.

    Can't see my way clear to Fiorella, which I think is an ice cream here, but love Fenella.

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    Eleanor - I love it because it is such a gorgeous classic but not Catherine or Elizabeth! It's super cute on a little girl but also very beautiful on a grown women. An Eleanor could be anything, from president to kindergarten teacher.

    Ella - Also such a classic. She's quite popular but still beautiful. While she is "cuter" than Eleanor I feel like Ella could also become whatever she wants!

    Violet - so beautiful. I don't exactly know why I love it, I just do.

    Clara - loved it since I was a child and I started loving it even more when it became a name on Doctor Who (such an awesome character)

    Alice - gorgeous, just absolutely gorgeous. So many great Alice associations, which make me love the name. It's so sweet yet classic!

    I also like Florence of your list but prefer simple Flora over it!

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