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    My wife is due in two days -Shakespeare-

    Hey dear friends,

    Hey guys my wife "Ireland" comes from a family of 5 her and her four brother have unique names Ireland, Scotland, Barclay, Lakyn and Lachlan. And as for me my name is very special as well.. "Everest" our names is the reason that our parents set us up.

    Now we are expecting our first child.. and we are thinking about an old fashioned name/"normal" name.. the only problem is that my last name is Shakespeare.. It's a door opener and an ice breaker but it's hard to find a name that goes with Shakespeare.
    We were thinking about James or names that end with an 'S' i'll be happy for suggestions and any suggestions for that matter.

    Thank you all and have a wonderful day.
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    Well, I think you should name him William. Or Tallulah. Tallulah on a boy is awesome.

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    Great names!! Congrats on baby's arrival

    Some name suggestions...

    Beau Shakespeare
    Aurelius Shakespeare
    Orlando Shakespeare
    Byron Shakespeare
    Lucius Shakespeare
    Leopold Shakespeare
    Varro Shakespeare
    Briar Shakespeare
    Bear Shakespeare
    Tiberius Shakespeare
    Bardyllis Shakespeare
    Romeo Shakespeare
    Troubadour Shakespeare
    Perseus Shakespeare
    Horatio Shakespeare
    Newton Shakespeare
    Zen Shakespeare
    Quill Shakespeare
    Orion Shakespeare
    Oberon Shakespeare
    Rex Shakespeare
    Auberon Shakespeare
    Ulysses Shakespeare
    Denmark Shakespeare
    Odin Shakespeare
    Chivalry Shakespeare
    Valor Shakespeare
    Zeus Shakespeare
    Tempest Shakespeare
    Storm Shakespeare
    Laureate Shakespeare
    Poet Shakespeare
    Hero Shakespeare
    Titan Shakespeare
    Rembrandt Shakespeare
    Vivaldi Shakespeare
    Haydn Shakespeare
    Mozart Shakespeare
    Raphael Shakespeare
    Lucius Artorius Shakespeare
    Uther Shakespeare
    Garland Shakespeare
    Marlowe Shakespeare
    Jude Shakespeare
    Jagger Shakespeare
    Boston Shakespeare
    Diesel Shakespeare
    Harper Shakespeare
    Balthazar Shakespeare
    Jasper Shakespeare
    Frankincense Shakespeare
    Winter Shakespeare
    Wilder Shakespeare
    Dux Shakespeare
    Jewels Shakespeare
    Jules Shakespeare
    Amethyst Shakespeare
    Arcadia Shakespeare
    Saxon Shakespeare
    Tudor Shakespeare
    Willow Shakespeare
    Odysseus Shakespeare
    Socrates Shakespeare
    Plato Shakespeare
    Voltaire Shakespeare
    Pierson Shakespeare
    Arrow Shakespeare
    Lux Shakespeare
    Luxor Shakespeare
    Phoenix Shakespeare
    Holland Shakespeare
    Fox Shakespeare
    Falcon Shakespeare
    Seabrooke Shakespeare
    Earendel Shakespeare
    Tolkien Shakespeare
    Aragorn Shakespeare
    Nova Shakespeare
    Nightingale Shakespeare
    Forest Shakespeare
    Luc Shakespeare
    Skywalker Shakespeare
    Hermes Shakespeare
    Sage Shakespeare
    Jubilee Shakespeare
    Fury Shakespeare
    Tristan Shakespeare
    Holiday Shakespeare
    Justice Shakespeare
    Ruby Shakespeare
    Ace Shakespeare
    Handsome Shakespeare
    Thunder Shakespeare
    Archer Shakespeare
    Fallon Shakespeare
    Valentino Shakespeare
    Valentine Shakespeare
    Chiron Shakespeare
    Nile Shakespeare
    Neo Shakespeare
    Fortitude Shakespeare
    Ariel Shakespeare
    Veritas Shakespeare
    Amadeus Shakespeare
    Clovis Shakespeare
    Vesuvius Shakespeare
    Octavius Shakespeare
    Nicodemus Shakespeare
    Hieronymus Shakespeare
    Herodotus Shakespeare
    Darius Shakespeare
    Xerxes Shakespeare
    Cyrus Shakespeare
    Zephyrus Shakespeare
    Papyrus Shakespeare
    Atlantis Shakespeare
    Louis Shakespeare
    Pallas Shakespeare
    Chalice Shakespeare
    Maximus Shakespeare
    Tempus Shakespeare
    Solaris Shakespeare
    Oxford Shakespeare
    Cambridge Shakespeare
    Lars Shakespeare
    Harris Shakespeare
    Christmas Shakespeare
    Yves Shakespeare
    Rhodes Shakespeare
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    Quote Originally Posted by oceansunrise View Post
    Skywalker Shakespeare
    I just effing died. Hahahahaha.

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