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    Thoughts on these name combos

    We are trying to narrow down our long list of boy names and would like feedback on these combos:

    Eamon Wallace
    James Lewis (would introduce him as Lewis, not James as it is too common among my family).
    Theodore Lewis (Again, would introduce him as Lewis).
    Lewis Evander

    Wallace, James, and Lewis are honor names. Our surname is similar to Deal. Sister is Emberlee (also an honor name). Wallace has the most meaning to me, with James a close second. I am not really bothered by the repeated E, by the way, as this will be our last child.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. I appreciate any and all feedback.
    Mom to Emberlee Shea. Expecting #2 Aug 2014.

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    James Lewis is wonderful. It makes me think of a warm-hearted, lively, likeable boy. Might be because I just love James, it's such an adorable name. I also really like the name Eamon, have you considered Eamon James?

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    Eamon Wallace is my favorite. I also like Theodore Lewis, though I've never fully understood giving a first name when you know he'll go by the middle name. Why not just make the name you know you're going to use the first name?
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    Thanks for your comments.
    @perrygirl, I adore James! Eamon is my hubby's top pick, but Eamon and James tend to repeat that same -ame sound to me. So, I don't think I can use them together.
    @emsky, my husband is being picky about the flow of our combos. James Lewis Deal, for example, is 1-2-1 syllables, which he prefers to a 2-1-1 pattern. Otherwise, I agree, put the name most often used in the front.

    Anyone else have an opinion on our combos? Thanks.
    Mom to Emberlee Shea. Expecting #2 Aug 2014.

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    I like Eamon Wallace.
    The other names are nice too, but I like that best with Emberlee because they are both uncommon names so I think they match better in that way

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