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    Neville - Usable or Too Harry Potter?

    I'm starting to like Neville, but I'm afraid that most people will immediately think I named my son after the Harry Potter character. It also doesn't have many nickname options which I'm big on. The fact that evil is in it does irk me a bit also. I'm more likely to put it in the middle name spot.

    What are your thoughts on Neville?
    Thoughts in this thread?

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    The Harry Potter character is the first thing that jumps to mind. It's going to be a tough association to break, especially growing up in a generation where it's pretty much the only famous Neville.

    For that reason I wouldn't put it as a first name, as it would affect first impressions too much. But I really like it as a middle name!

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    I love love love

    the name Neville!

    And I really don't care about Harry Potter at all. Saw a couple of the films, tried the first book, thought the Golden Compass series was far better written.

    Nicknames are essential if you are naming your child something you love but many will hate (Adonis, for example). But Neville seems a pretty straight-up name, not likely to cause his bearer any pain.

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    I haven't read or watched Harry Potter so I didn't know of the character. I did make a few connections though... I My first thought was Anne Neville and Cecily Neville (the Plantagenet queen/mother of two kings respectively), and then Neville Chamberlain, the former British prime minister. But I'm really into British royals and history so I doubt it's a connection most would make. It also reminds me of Seville, the Spanish city.

    But Neville has a great sound, strong and can hold its own while not being rough and in-your-face.
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    Usable. Also, Neville Longbottom turned out to be a strong character by the end of the HP series, so it's not like he would be an embarrassing connection.
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