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    Middle name for Ellis

    We're expecting a baby boy in March & are pretty set on Ellis as his first name, but we are having a hard time deciding which middle name to go with. Here is our list so far:

    Ellis Emerson
    Ellis Ezra
    Ellis Gabriel
    Ellis Oliver
    Ellis Everett
    Ellis Knox

    What's your favorite? Or do you have any other suggestions? Last name is two syllables.

    Thank you!

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    Ellis Gabriel is very nice! I like that it is 3 syllables with a 2 syllable first and last. 2-3-2 will flow better than 2-2-2.
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    Ellis Gabriel is the best bet. Also, like Ellis Knox. I agree with @hixtwin4 that a 3 syllable middle would sound best. Or you could do a one syllable but definitely not 2. Also, like alternate suggestions by @judyariel. I wouldn't go with the "E" middles personally.

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    I like Ellis

    but it strikes me as a middle name already (as does female name Louise).

    I like Robin Ellis but that may be because I like an actor named that!

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