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    Leora and Culture

    I really like the name Leora, but from what I understand, it's a name that's typically used for Jewish girls. Is it inappropriate for me, not Jewish, to choose that name for a daughter? I realize it's not on the level of Cohen controversy, but I thought I'd ask. I've always been unsure what's appropriate with names of other cultures in general.

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    Liora is absolutely fine on a non-Jewish girl.
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    Leora/Liora is inoffensive and not a problem on any girl.

    I really love it, though I go back and forth on which spelling I like best, as both are legit. I think Leora might be a bit easier for (though possibly, in handwriting, confused with Leona?) but it's considered a bit more old-fashioned. Old-fashioned doesn't really bother me though.

    Basically if a name is actually used as a given name in the Jewish community (Cohen is NOT) it's not really an issue on non-Jews either. We share lots of names with other religions, at least in translated form.

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    I like the Liora spelling. It looks musical for some reason.
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    Using Leora isn't a problem in the slightest. I'm fine with using actual given names (I stress ACTUAL GIVEN NAMES) from any culture - I'm not Swedish or Indian, but I love Astrid and Priya.

    Cohen falls more into the category of names like Messiah. Just tacky and not okay.

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