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Thread: Too many L's?

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    Too many L's?

    I'd love your honest opinion on this - our son will be here soon and Lincoln is my top choice. The only problem is my name and DH both begin with "L", and he is concerned we are going to be one of those super cute families that all start with the same letter. It does remind me of 19 kids and counting... but I love the name. What do you think about it?

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    Lincoln is ok in a family of L's as long as ...

    1) the names are not too similar in sound or look (Liz, Linus and Lincoln would not be ideal)
    2) you don't plan on having any more children
    3) you plan on having more children and have many more "L" names you love and would use (any future child may not want to be the only one in the family with a non-L name. It just wouldn't seem fair).
    All the best,

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    I wouldn't worry

    unless you plan to follow the TV family by creating dozens of children with the same initial.

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    I think the best plan is to use the name you both love most. I don't think that just because this child starts with L, all future children must too. My oldest daughter starts with a G and although we said the second child couldn't be a G, if she had been a boy, he would have been Griffin. There was just no other name that we both loved as much. And why should baby Griffin not get what we thought was the best name just because his older sister happens to start with a G too? Why should baby Lincoln not get your favorite name because yours happens to start with L too? Obviously this can be carried to an extreme (as with George Foreman who named all his kids George) but it's my best advice.

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    I'd put it in the middle spot.

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