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    When You Have Found The Perfect Name...

    It is very strange! I have loved names since I was a little girl. I have also really enjoyed getting suggestions on nameberry. We had a girls name picked out- Cora Louisa. When we found out we were having a boy, it continued our name hunt for another few months. My husband and I have totally different styles and strong opinions, so it was very difficult! Now that we know the gender and name of our first baby, it is very strange! No asking opinions, rummaging through books and name threads. Very weird, having done so for so long in search of the 'perfect' name. Our little boy will be...

    Jameson Michael nn Jem

    For those of you that have picked your baby name already, what have you chosen? And is it strange for you as well? I feel like I am just twiddling my thumbs now until he arrives! Well, maybe not exactly, but when it comes to nameberry I am very sad not to have so much participation in chats about names!

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    We're not even TTC yet but we've known what we'll probably name a boy for years due to family connections making an obvious choice. And I figured out the perfect girls name a few months ago. It is a little strange not to be seeking something that is just right, but it is also comforting. I think there are tons of interesting conversations about names on NB to chime in on even when I'm not in that "must find the right name!" mode. Our names are Mira Cairdeas and Anderson Robert.
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    Yes this happened to me- found the perfect girl name (Freya Scarlett), I ended up moving on to naming subsequent girl child (Ivy Selene)... i still dont have my boys perfect name either. I may end up naming a third girl as well!

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    I totally get this!

    We had a girls name picked out the entire time: Emerson Mary Elizabeth (Emme)

    but then we found out that we are having twin boys. So we had a list, and one name picked for Baby A... but we were going back and forth on Baby B. then my Mom got sick... and we had to have the names decided before she passed. I was desperate for her to know and approve.
    We're expecting to meet these guys January 8th:
    A: Keegan Nathaniel
    B: Sebastian Miller

    and since I now have time, all I can think is... are we making the right choices? I love their names, most everyone does. It's just that now what will I name? no more babies over here.
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    I completely understand how you're feeling! We did the same thing and spent ages deciding on names, then felt a bit lost afterwards. It's awkward, but don't doubt yourself. Jameson Michael is a beautiful name, and Jem is really cute! I actually have a sort-of nephew called Jem, but he's Jeremy
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