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    I would go with Kepler Jackson. It has been a name you both have loved for a long while. You might regret not using it. Kep is a sweet nickname.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    Neither name is my style but I vote for Kepler. It's a more unusual choice and you've loved it for a long time so that must mean something. I don't like Parker at all for any gender (park her?) and Parker P or PP could be troublesome (it makes me think of the tongue twisting nursery rhyme "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers" )
    Exactly what Mischa said. I think Kepler is the right choice in this instance. Good luck

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    I like Kepler better. "Kep" is a cute and fun nickname, while Kepler will look great on a resume when he grows up. I like how Kepler is unusual enough to stand out and be remembered, but not too unusual.

    I do like Parker fine, but I don't think that the initials "P.P." are going to go over well at school some day, you know?
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    Nameberry is not the best place to come to with unique (i.e. modern invented) names, either. But I vote for Kepler. I think Kep is a great nickname!

    I like Parker more for a girl for some reason. I guess because I like Parker Posey and also my friend's beautiful daughter.
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    Kepler is the name of a brilliant Renaissance astronomer and scientist - what an awesome namesake. There's a NASA observatory named after him. That's what I thought of when you mentioned the name. If I met a young Kepler, I'd be very impressed.

    I think that if you are certain you want two kids, then you should use Kepler for this baby, and Parker for the next - they make a really wonderful sibset, because they share so many of the same letters and sounds, yet they couldn't be mistaken for one another. And they are both surnames, both two syllables. A really perfect pair. Of course, if you want more than two kids, it might be tricky to find a name that fits in with your existing two names.

    Best wishes!

    p.s. I'm a fan of alliteration, so don't see the PP thing as an issue... but if you like a name starting with I for a middle, it could get you to the sweet nickname Pip - cute for a young girl or boy.
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