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    Torn between two names - need feedback!

    Hello everyone,

    My husband and I are torn between two names for our baby boy due at the end of March. We have one name that we have discussed for years that we's a unique name... a quality that we find both desirable yet it gives us pause when considering the opinions of our friends and family (which is why we are taking it to the Nameberry forum!). The other name...Parker... we also love and believe it will fit perfectly with our last name which also begins with a P. Another difficulty with deciding between the two names is that we also love Parker for a girl so if we go with Kepler for this one, we could still use Parker for either a boy or girl in the future (if we are blessed again with another child). We chose the middle name of Jackson, because we were married in Jackson Hole, incredible destination wedding for our closest friends and family. Kindly give us your thoughts on the two names below... thank you all that respond!

    Kepler Jackson P. (nickname Kep)
    Parker Jackson P.

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    Neither name is my style but I vote for Kepler. It's a more unusual choice and you've loved it for a long time so that must mean something. I don't like Parker at all for any gender (park her?) and Parker P or PP could be troublesome (it makes me think of the tongue twisting nursery rhyme "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers" )
    All the best,

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    Well, I'm not a huge fan of surnames if there isn't a family connection. Parker is especially trendy which I tend to stay away from. I would really dislike Parker on a girl though. My guess is most people will react negatively to Parker on a girl too. I think your best bet is Kepler. The nickname of Kep is cute. I like using Jackson since it has personal meaning.

    Best wishes and congrats!
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    Parker is at least a name

    whereas Kepler is not.

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    My initial reaction to Kepler was one of raised eyebrows but the more I say it, the more I really like it! It's a very unusual choice. I'm sure many people won't have heard of it but at the same time it's obvious how to spell and pronounce. I LOVE the nn Kep and I think Jackson for a middle name is fabulous given you were married there.

    Parker leaves me indifferent. I've never understood the whole surname used as first name thing. Maybe that's because I live in the UK. Here it's viewed as an American habit and not really done. Parker is relatively common and does not come with any readily-available nn's. Also I'd avoid the double whammy of Parker P____, i.e. initials PP - pee pee.

    My vote is for Kepler Jackson

    Best of luck x

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