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Thread: In need names!

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    In need names!

    One of my friends, Callie, is 7 months pregnant and still can't decide on names! Here is the names she has in mind;

    She says she likes Shiloh however she is unsure what boy name to choose and what middle names would fit. Any new combinations for a girl and a boy set of twins [both first names and middle names] would be incredibly helpful!

    If it helps in any way, her surname is Wren.
    Thanks ever so much, Tammy x

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    Shiloh and Kingsley would be nice together. Shiloh Jade and Kingsley Reid.

    I also like Rosa! Rosa and Hudson? Rosa Alice and Hudson Michael?

    Some other ideas:

    Nova Caroline and Jett Alexander
    Cleo Elizabeth and Alec Demetri
    Skye Rosalie and Everett Kingsley
    Favourite combos:
    Cressida Faye. Ilaria Winter. Florence Piper. Heidi Rose. Sarai Emilia. Leandra Sonnet. Felicity Autumn. Delilah Poppy. Amelie Seren. Cleo Savannah.
    Beau Alexander. Arlo Jude. Felix Jasper. Quincey Arthur. Tristan Malachi. Koa Rafferty. Elliott Monty. Keegan Evander. Emmett Rory. Henry Forrest.

    Guilty pleasures:
    Effie Snow. Ocean Tallulah. Hareton Sholto. Ianthe Astoria.

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    Rosa Wren doesn't flow well. Kingsley and Shiloh are nice.
    I'd use more traditional and longer names for middles to go well with the short last name.
    Shiloh Elizabeth/Margaret/Penelope Wren
    Kingsley Theodore/ Daniel Wren

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