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    Help Me Come Up With Names!

    Based on my children's names (in my signature), help me come up with some other names that work as a sibset.

    About their names...
    Paolo is a name we chose simply because we liked it. Handsome, poetic, but distinctly masculine. Easily pronounced in Spanish. Sanín is an honour name.

    We chose Mona for a few reasons. In Colombia (where my husband is from) Mona means a beautiful girl (especiall one with light hair, which my mother has). And Mona generally conjures images of the Mona Lisa, which I don't find to be a negative association. Margot is also to honor my mother (Margaret). It also turns out that she has the same exact initials as my mother MMR.

    We like uncommon romantic or poetic names, that sound good with a hispanic surname.
    Some honour names you can consider are Robert, Charles, Ruth, Jaqueline. Also, if you can think of combinations with the name Nerea in the middle spot that would be awesome!

    Thank you all for playing along

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