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    1) Way-too-frilly girl names (Arabella etc)
    2) Quality Names (Verity, Temperance etc)
    3) Religious names (Hope, Faith, Angel-anything)
    4) Title Names (Queen, Princess, King, Bishop etc)
    5) Names that sound like they belong on a stripper (Neveah etc)
    6) Anything too closely connected with a celebrity or famous person (ie Adele, Cher)
    7) Anything deliberately misspelled or spelled un-intuitively
    8) (Almost) anything containing an X
    9) Anything that might offend a cultural group
    10) Anything overly vintage/clunky (I just can't get on board with Agatha or Bernadette or anything like that)
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    1) Olive. I know it's popular on here, but I don't really like olives to begin with and I don't find this feminine or pretty.
    2) Gracyn, Gracelyn and variants. Grace is lovely. I don't see the point of making it more masculine looking and throwing "y"s in for the heck of it.
    3) Nevaeh
    4) Madison
    5) Jayden, Jaden, Jaydon, and all its rhyming friends
    6) Messiah. WAY too much for a kid to look up to!
    7) McKenna, Mackenzie, and all the Mac- names for girls
    8) Riley and its misspellings, on either gender
    9) Cody. Unless you're a cowboy, I don't think it works well on an adult.
    10) Agatha. Always makes me think of Miss Trunchbull.
    11) Peyton (Sorry, couldn't limit myself to 10!)

    As far as general trends, I loathe almost every name ending in -lee (Kaylee, Kynlee, Brynlee, etc.), as well as intentional misspellings
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    1. Tallulah - it doesn't even sound like a real name to me, it's like something I child would invent for a doll
    2. Lexi - I just find it really ugly, though I wouldn't even mind as much if it were spelt Lexie
    3. Riley/Kylie/Miley - sound awful to me, though if you have to use Riley please use it on a boy
    4. Nevaeh - how is the opposite of heaven a good thing?
    5. Almost anything ending in -lyn or that sound - I'll give an exception to Madeleine, but with that spelling only. Also if the name ends in -line I will pronounce it -LEEN or -LYNE as that's how it should be pronounced
    6. Barry, Gary and Larry (but not Harry) - they're just ugly
    7. August and it variants - I don't really know how anyone can like the syllable 'aug' *shudders*
    8. Brayden - I don't like any of the Aidan variants (except Aidan itself) but at least I can sort-of understand the appeal of the others. Brayden however is just ugly full stop
    9. Tyler/Taylor/Mason/Carter/Cooper et al. - I just find occupation names rather bizarre. Is this what the parents want their children to become when they're older? If it is fair enough but why not use Electrician, Farmer and Dentist while you're at it. Makes as much sense to me
    10. Billy/Millie/Tilly - these are fairly popular here at the minute, but I really just hate them. Maybe it's because I'd only ever heard them on animals until recently and 'millie' where I am from was the word used for chavs before chav was a word. Only positive is that they're better than Willie
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    1. Lyllie
    2. Kayleigha
    3. Tallulah
    4. Makenzii
    5. Jamysin
    6. Tempest/Zephyr/Hurricane whatever
    7. Perfect/Princess/Miracle etc.
    8. Aurelia/Aurora
    9. Eloise/Elsie/Elsa/Elyse (pretty much all El...s... names that aren't just Elisabeth)
    10. Emmalee

    1. Flloyd
    2. Dwight
    3. Kartyr
    4. Ralph
    5. Maxim
    6. Holden
    7. Declan
    8. all names rhyming with Aidan
    9. Horace
    10. Austyn
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    9. Nicknames as first names - like, just Dan, Mike, Nick, Joe, Bob, Will
    Dan is a biblical name. Although Dan and Daniel are related in Hebrew, it's inconsequential that Daniel is often shortened to "Dan" and Dan actually being a biblical name. Being a son of Jacob, he forms one of the twelve tribes of Israel. It has solid footing as a name around the world.

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