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    No offense to anyone who has these names.

    1. Nevaeh
    2. Reneesme
    3. Jessica
    4. Ryker
    5. Crystal
    6. Changing ley/ly endings to leigh (Ashleigh, Hayleigh, etc)
    7. Poppy
    8. Dallas-Aikman (this was a recent birth announcement in my area, and it has just been bugging me.)
    9. Jennifer
    10. Richard

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    In no particular order...
    1. Boys' names on girls, particularly Elliott and Riley. I absolutely loathe this trend.
    2. Made-up names.
    3. Adelaide and its variants.
    4. Augustus and its variants.
    5. Poppy/Penelope.
    6. Misspelled names.
    7. Aaliyah.
    8. MOST noun names. I don't like names like Lyric or Story or Echo and things like that, but there are some that I don't mind because I think they are kind of established as names, like Melody. Does that make sense?
    9. Tacky names, like Neveah and Princess and other stripper names like that.
    10. Met some kids named Ashkynn (f) and Chasetyn (m) the other day. Already included this in the made-up names category, but I couldn't resist sharing.
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    Just some names that bug me...

    1. Violet. I know. It's a nameberry fav but it's one letter off from violent.
    2. Henry. Because I know 6. Ages 1 to 6. And because everyone acts like it is the best name ever. Sorry I just don't see the appeal.
    3. Sarah. It's just way too blah for me.
    4. Kaiden/Caiden/Caden. I know 4. Do I really need to explain this one?
    5. Jaxon. Or anything with the unnecessary 'x'.
    6. Emmaleigh, Ashleigh, Ashlynn, Rilee. Anything with the unnecessary -leigh, -lee or -lynn ending.
    7. Grahme. Any name that is misspelled, and bonus points if the parents don't even realize it's spelled wrong. This is what our friends named their son and claimed it was the true Scottish spelling of Graham (which would be Graeme).
    8. Ryan, Emerson, Colby. Boys names on girls. I'm fine with an Alexandra called Alex or Samantha called Sam, but I do not understand a little girl Dylan.
    9. Poppy, Zoe. Any name that seems cute when a little girl but can't be taken seriously as an adult.
    10. Kaylynn, Kinley, Kennedy. Many of these 'k' names sound lower class to me.
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    1. Arrogant sounding, overly chunky and ugly antique names like Barnabas, Thaddeus, Beatrice, Phineas, Maude
    2. Aidan, and all it's silly variants
    3. Kaylee, Kiley, Kallee, Kinley, Kinsey, Kelsey...almost every "K" name
    4. Most noun names - Charity, Chastity, Virtue, Heaven, Angel, Haven, Love, Naveah (There are exceptions)
    5. -lyn/-leigh
    6. -Bella names, outside of Isabella i.e Arabella, Annabella, Clarabella, Christabella..
    7. Awful "creative" spellings (I know a baby named Khryzteen)
    8. Carl
    9. Nicknames as first names - like, just Dan, Mike, Nick, Joe, Bob, Will
    10. Gary

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    1. Boys names on girls
    2. Creative (i.e.incorrect) spelling
    3. Made up names
    4. Title names (eg. King, Queen)
    5. Mispronounced names (eg. Xavier pronounced X-zav-ee-er. It's not x-zylo-fone is it?!)
    6. Girls names with Mac- or Mc- prefix
    7. Most geographical names*
    8. Unusual noun names
    9. Current on-trend flower names (like Primrose)*
    10. Most unisex names*

    Those with asterisk don't annoy me too much - but I needed to list 10!

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