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    1) Nevaeh- it's just annoying.
    2) the -adyn family and basically any name with a y in it.
    3) creative spelling. I feel bad for the kids.
    4) Declan- haha this name is just funny to me. There was an episode of Psych where the main character makes fun of this name so every time I hear it, it makes me laugh. I just don't see it as a likable name.
    5) Porter- I heard someone name her child this and at first I thought she was kidding.
    6) Alexavier- come on really?
    7) Paige- This name just has a personal reason because I knew someone by this name and she was the most unpleasant person I have ever met in my life so far. Every time I hear this name I think of her.
    8) Addison on a girl- the meaning of it should not be on a girl.
    9) Ava- very pretty but I hear it EVERYWHERE!
    10) Isabella- It annoys me because ever since I was young I wanted to name my daughter this but then Twilight became popular and this name became really popular and I got sick of it.
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    Hmm. I don't know if I can name 10 but...

    1. I tend to dislike super popular names just for the sheer repetition of them. Olivia is a lovely name but I know at least 7.

    2. Jill. It's an association thing. I have never met a Jill that I liked.

    3. John. Again, bad history.

    4. Eva. I love all of the Ev- names but could never use them because of my hatred of the name Eva.

    5. Common middle names like Marie and Ann (although I used Faye for my youngest because of family).

    6. Nevaeh. Just like everyone else.

    7. Many of the P names bother me but mostly because they are so popular.

    I think that may be it. My #1 includes so many names that 7 is all I can come up with
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    thanks to everyone for putting together such a great thread! the posts in here are pure genius!
    I love every bit of it!
    1. Theo - great name for a 2 yr old boy who walks around with his teddy bear and blanket, not so great for the 200-lb linebacker on the high school football's like parents never think their kids will grow up,that they'll always remain infants and toddlers..
    2. Hunter/Tyler - most played-out names this side of McKenzie...
    3. Mckenzie/Mc/Madison/Madelyn names in general..when you heard that name for the 400th time, didn't you think you should go in a different direction before giving your precious daughter the SAME NAME?
    4. Jordan/Justin - never met a Justin that wasn't a chain-smoking workaholic gambler drunk..
    5. Haley - I'm not even sure how you spell it nowadays..
    6. Girl names that end in -ia, as in Olivia, Sophia, Alia, Alexandria ( is she named after a city in Virginia or Egypt? which is it?), Virginia, Gloria, Ophelia, etc
    7. Jacob - sounds like a pampered,spoiled rotten little twerp who you'd meet at the park during a pick-up football or basketball game..the name screams 'un-athletic nerd'..and it's nickname 'Jake' makes me thing of a guy driving a Ford F-250 with a shotgun across the rear window and a dog with his head out the window..
    8. Alexus/Lexi - I live in Northern NJ - this name is e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e..
    9. Saint names like Luke or its bastardized neighbor, Lucas ( it's engine oil, not a kids name), Gabriel, Michael, Matthew, James, Thomas) James and Thomas are particularly annoying in that the over-protective parents refuse to call them by anything but their full name..Thomas is a choo-choo..its OK to let your kid use the name Jimmy or Jim..really, it's OK...
    10. Emma or Bella or Ava ( Eva) or Eve - ALL being wildly popular among the Italian-American familes here in northern NJ..

    I'd also like to include Sam, not Samuel,but parents who name their kid 'Sam'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by morob118 View Post
    9. Saint names like Luke or its bastardized neighbor, Lucas ( it's engine oil, not a kids name)
    Lucas is actually the Latin form. Luke is an Anglicised variant.

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    In no particular order....
    2. Story
    3. Kendra and those Ken- names on a girl
    4. Trinity, Nevaeh, Miracle....
    5. Jimmy
    6. Anabelle/Annabelle
    7.Hermione and other Harry Potter/Hunger Games/Twilight names
    8. Amber, Crystal
    9. Isis
    10. Braxton
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