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    1. Alfie (Massively overdone in the UK)
    2. Jayden, Brayden, Grayden (oddly enough, Cade/Caden is a massive GP of mine)
    3. Neveah
    4. Chloe (Every girl I went to school with wanted a daughter named Chloe)
    5. Oliver and Olivia (They're everywhere in the UK)
    6. Maddison/Addison/Emerson on girls, just no!
    7. Lacey, Macey, Kacey etc.
    8. Miley, Kiley, Briley etc.
    9. Princess, Baby and other silly word names.
    10. Any stupid spelling of a name

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    Hmm, I haven't really thought of it this way before.

    1. Chloe, even more so when it's Khloe
    2. Naomi
    3. Risley- I realize this is not a name, but I know a little Risley and it makes me shudder.
    4. Boy names on girls- Elliot will never be a feminine name. I'm still mourning the loss of Avery, Emery, and Emerson to the girls.
    5. Every name that ends in -son. "Son of --" is obviously not a good name for your daughter. (Addison is the most annoying to me).
    6. Marley/Sadie/Presley/Harley- these are all fine on dogs, but your sweet baby girl is not a canine.
    7. Rylee/Kylie etc. - such a whiny sounding trend

    1. Braxton... Braxton Hicks! Really parents?!
    2. Jayden (all -aden names are annoying due to popularity but especially Jayden and Zayden).
    3. Harley/Presley/Rex- fine on dogs but not for humans.
    4. Cooper- all I can think of is pooper scooper.
    5. Ryder/Ryker- I just see no class.
    6. Beau/Bo- As much as I want to like Beau, I just hear honky-tonk.
    7. Alexzander or any other name where you insist on using both an x and a z... Because- Alex-zander is totally necessary because x apparently doesn't make the sounds of both the k and the s. >.<
    8. Welcome- there are actually a few "Welcomes" in my county (older men) and I think it's absurd.
    9. Roarke/Ruarc-- I just hear the sound when you're puking in the toilet..
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    1. Riley, Rylee, Ryleigh, Ryley, and any other spelling. I know so many people who used this for both boys and girls and I cannot stand it.
    2. Bentley - just no. Why name a child this?
    3. Nevaeh
    4. Caiden, Cayden, Aiden, Jayden, Braeden, Brayden, Jaiden, Kayden, etc.
    6. Words that shouldn't be names: Blue, North, Just, Was, Ever, etc
    6. Completely made up names from common names. My least favorite that comes to mind is Timberly.
    7. Christian - I have always hated this name, it drives me crazy.
    8. Place names and surnames with "unique" spellings: Londyn, Kennedee, Jaxon, Sydnee, Brooklynn,
    9. Jace, Jayce
    10. Savannah

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    1. The mix and match names: Bryn, Ri, Bray, Kay etc with your choice of -ley, -lyn, -den endings. (My old neighbor's had a boy named Br0den. That one I really dislike because they were always shouting it)
    2. Too over the top frilly names that are a mouthful like Ariannabella or some such thing like that.
    3. I like Aidan (and some of its variations) but not the Aidan's in disguise: Brayden, Cayden, Zayden. (I don't really count Hayden or Jaden in this group though, I guess I'm a little weird)
    4. Or weird names just to be weird. I can't think of any particular examples but you can tell when someone is just trying too hard.

    This is just a personal thing. If anyone else likes these that's fine. Don't let me discourage you. What I find annoying often changes with my mood.
    "Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes."
    -Walt Whitman

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    1.Hannah- always hated this name, no offense intended
    2.Brittany- reminds me too much of an obnoxious cheer leader type
    5.names that end in s (James, Myles, etc.)
    6.month/day names
    7.flower names
    8.Jacob- sounds like an awkward retching noise to me, I know, weird
    9.Alexander- if I meet one more Alex, I'm going to punch something
    10.Rachel- see Jacob

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