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    1. Word names. I absolutely loathe Poet, Story, Princess and other "names" like them. There are better names, which are real names.
    2. Gender switches. The biggest mystery for me. Finley and Darcy are fine on either gender, but James for girls and Phaedra for boys are just horrible.
    3. Old man names. Ruth, Josephine, Willa, Mabel, Millicent, Gertrude, Bertha, Ernest, Clarence, Herbert, Graham. Especially Wilfred and Winnifred. All sound so dated and unpleasant.
    4. Everything too cutesy: Mimi, Johnnie, Rosie, Freddie, Frankie. Who would take seriously on kids with these names??
    5. Elizabeth and Charlotte
    6. Kreighatyvve spellings. It hurts my eyes.
    7. Made-up names like Nevaeh, Ashlynn, Emmaleigh, Zayden. I don't feel like to explain why I hate them.
    8. Names that sound like money and are meant to show "the child's awesomeness": Diamond, Lux, Cash, Precious, Princess, Angel.
    9. P-names like Piper, Paige, Poppy, Peyton, Paisley. Detest them.
    10. Occupational names and surname names like Sailor (especially on a girl), Harper, Stewart, Hudson, Wilson, Jones, Baker, Parker, and, again, Piper.
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    In no particular order:

    1. Nevaeh
    2. Neveah - spelled wrong....I mean seriously?
    3. Kaleigh/Kaylie/Kayley/Kailee/Kaylee/Caylee/Kailie/Cailie (you get the point)
    4. Maeby - seen this on Nameberry and I just think it sounds ridiculous
    5. Devon (for a girl)
    6. Vegas - my one friend keeps naming story characters Vegas, and I keep trying to talk her out of it. Well, at least it's just a character for now
    7. Sophia - because it's what EVERYONE is naming their babies
    8. Anything with an apostrophe in it
    9. Justin - ick
    10. All the "ayden"s - they're like cockroaches. They've multiplied and taken over

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    1. Neveah (ugh)
    2. Jayden / Jaden
    3. Justin
    4. Dylan
    5. Kelly
    6. Kreeativ spellings: Broocquelynne, Djassmine
    7. Princess, King, Money, Messiah etc.
    8. Names ending in 'ah'
    9. Brand names: Chanel, Dior
    10. Rose, it's so overused and boring

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    1. Emerson for a girl. It's a name I want to use for one of my sons and every time I hear of a new baby girl with the name, I cringe.
    2. Grace as a middle name. It's the most popular middle name for a little girl in my area and I'm just over hearing it.
    3. Blaiden. (Know a little boy with this name)
    4. Robert. I absolutely hate this name. (The bad associations don't help, but still.)
    5. I'm also really over hearing Bentley.
    6. All of the spellings of Aaliyah.
    7. The names inspired by country singers. Easton, Brantley, etc.
    8. Nevaeh.
    9. Addison/Addie and all of their spellings. It's not a BAD name... I'm just tired of seeing so many of them.
    10. And finally, Charlie. This name is annoying to me for an odd reason... I can't decide if I like it, and I can't decide if I like it on a boy or a girl. First, I met a girl named Charleigh. Hated the spelling, but the name for a girl grew on me. Then I met a little boy named Charlie, and it suited him, but at that point it was made feminine for me by the first Charleigh. Then, I met a little girl named Charlee. And I liked the spelling, and it suited her too. Lol, so I told that story to say, that this name annoys me personally because I simply can't figure out how I like it, and what gender I like it for.
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    Mackenzie or any Kenzie/Kinsey names
    Bella ( but love isabelle )
    Super masculine names on girls like Ryder
    "Son" names on girls I.e. Madison

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