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    Quote Originally Posted by potofgold View Post
    In no particular order...
    8. This one a lot of people will disagree with me on, but Anglicisations of Irish names, and a lot of Anglicisations of names from other cultures (there are some that I don't mind but I can't stand Neve, Keeva, Rosheen, Eefa and Anya for Aine)
    I totally agree with you about Eefa or (shudder) Chevonne, but Anya is a Russian name as well, a variant or diminutive of Anya. It's not just an anglicisation.
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    Names that just sound like they are trying too hard to stand out or be trendy and classic at the same time but turn out just stale or a bit tacky (mostly celeb or popular names

    Cora (and variants)

    I like but are too overused:


    As middles (like these are the only middles in the world):

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    1. Welcome
    2. Bloodrayne
    3. Nevaeh
    4. Aaliyah
    5. Jaxon
    6. Mackenzie (or any variant–for girls)
    7. Isobel
    8. Leigh (when pronounced as 'Lee')
    9. Poppy
    10. Renesmee

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    1. """Unisex""" names with male meanings used on girls. (Madison, Addison, Mackenzie, Emerson, and the like)
    2. Ashley, Tyler and Caitlin, and all of their misspellings. They give me a bratty vibe for some reason.
    3. Aiden and anything that rhymes with it.
    4. Esther. It's celestial and Biblical, two of my favorite qualities in names, but... It just sounds so ugly to me!
    5. Imogen.
    6. Leigh names. (Cayleigh, Ashleigh, Ryleigh, Marleigh, even my own sort of rubs me the wrong way sometimes.) And pretty much any other dumb misspellings.
    7. Toby
    8. Names that rhyme with Hailey and Bailey, that aren't Hailey or Bailey. Especially ridiculous ones. Kailey and Daley, those can still be okay, but I know a Braylee, a Maley, and one of my grandmother's friends now has a granddaughter named Rayleigh! Yuck! Apparently, the woman would cry every time she thought of the name because she hated it so much. Can't say I blame her.
    9. Names with the Bray sound: Braylee, Braylynn, Brayden. It's not pleasing to the ear, at all!
    10. Ruining a perfectly good short name with "Lee" or "Lynn" ending. I hate names like Breelee, and Raelee, Skylynn and Brooklynn. Just stick with the first syllable! No need to add on any more.
    The sad part is, a quick visit to Nameberry could have prevented most of these kids from getting stuck with their awful names. Sigh.
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    Some of mine are nameberry favorites... so no offense!

    1. Ronan. I just don't like it. I don't likr the sound or the meaning!
    2. Persephone. The mythology behind this name is so terrible and sad.
    3. Agatha. I like a lot of Greek word names but this one has an aweful sound.
    4. Phineas. Phinehas is a little better but I don't like the sound. Finn is lovely.
    5. Most alternative or unsual spellings, like Emilia or Izabella or Lynzie.
    6. Long frilly girls names like Gabriella or Arabella.
    7. Syllable smoosh names like Brynnley or Braylie or Taylynn and ESPECIALLY Tinley.
    8. Richard. I just don't like it.
    9. Stephen or Steven. It just makes me cringe. I think the sound throws me off. Too bad because the Biblical Stephen is awesome.
    10. Esther. Another awesome Biblical name with a not-so-pretty sound.

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