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    Cool My favourite books and something else | generation CAF

    Names and surnames taken from my favourite books and some personal choices

    LN: Bell, Hawthorne, Granger, Westfall

    First generation...
    DH (90): John, Edward, William, Ronald, Arnold, Thomas
    DW (88): Alice, Laura, Rachel, Olivia, Ethel, Persephone (maiden name: Shapiro, Long, Butler, Archer)
    -DD1 (71): mother's names, swapped
    -DS1 (69): father's middle name + mother's maiden name
    -DD2/DD3 (65): Virginia, Katherine, Adelaide, Meredith, Hannah, Grace, Mona, Veronica, Molly, Seraphina

    Second generation...
    DD1 (71):
    DH (73): Leander, Harry, Neville, Colin, Archibald, Arthur (LN: Vance, Valmorain, Baker, Thornton)
    -DD1/DD2 (46): Rose, Deborah, Laurene, Ashley, Rowena, Josephine, Minna, Belle, Anne, Lucy

    DS1 (69):
    DW (70): Noelle, Theresa, Brigitte, Matilda, Millicent, Pansy (maiden name: Selwyn, Prewett, Bennett, Masters)
    -DS1/DD1 (45): Robert, Roland, Theodore, Jason, Timothy, Henry & Pauline, Sarah, Tiffany, Naomi, Miriam
    -DS2 (40): Percival, Brian, Walter, Kevin, Adam, Tobias

    DD2 (65):
    DH (67): Lawrence, August, Nelson, Warren, Phineas, Christian (LN: Armstrong, Blythe, Sullivan, Thibodeau)
    -DS1/DD1 (36): father's names, swapped & mother's names, swapped
    -DD2 (34): Helena, Amaranta, Isabelle, Lorraine, Ginevra, Luna
    -DS2 (30): Sirius, Maurice, Toulouse, Julian, Caspian, Mark

    DD3 (65):
    DH (70): Evander, Fritz, Ferdinand, Damian, Edmund, Dennis (LN: Farrar, Potter, Evans, Black)
    -DS1 (39): Albert, Alfred, Dudley, Malcolm, Paul, Steven
    -DD1 (29): Guinevere, Rosette, Eugenie, Sylvia, Madeleine, Evelyn


    Third generation...
    DD1 (46):
    DW (44): Leanne, Jasmine, Thyra, Katie, Jane, Elizabeth (LN: your choice, hyphenated with wife's last name. You choose the order)
    -ADD (newborn): Nancy, Heather, Paula, Genevieve, Patricia, Julia

    DD2 (46):
    DH (45): choose from the entire CAF (LN: Mason, Lee, Kerk, Armitage)
    -DD1 (20): Adeline, Poppy, Camilla, Penelope, Grace, Violette
    -DD2 (17): Miranda, Joanne, Brenna, Gladys, Verity, Katia

    DS1 (45):
    DW (38): Alexis, Amanda, Nanette, Lynne, Fancy, Fern (maiden name: Longbottom, McGonagall, Watson, Grint)
    -DD1 (14): Isis, Amira, Romina, Aziza, Marjorie, Noemi
    -DS1 (7): father's name, swapped

    DD1 (45):
    DH (46): George, Frederick, Lars, Richard, Christopher, Jonathan (LN: Starky, Forchette, Merriweather, Conroy)
    -DD (20): Jasmine, Tatiana, Liv, Martina, Frances, Prudence
    --DBF (19): Ian, Leonard, Cedric, Dennis, Augustus, Ivan (LN: your choice)
    ---DS (expecting): a name honouring GGF
    -DS1 (15): Vernon, Roderick, Harrison, Alaric, Francis, Victor
    -DS2 (12): Morwenna, Brenna, Thalia, Candice, Charlotte, Diane

    DS2 (40):
    DW (40): Anna, Magenta, Margaret, Elise, Tracey, Marie (maiden name: Jones, Stansfield, Edevane, Courcy)
    -DD1/DD2 (10): Priscilla, Maisie, Lorena, Rebecca, Narcissa, Ann

    DS1 (36):
    DH (41): your choice (LN: Edwards, Bennett, Berglund, Davies)
    -ADS (2): a name honouring GF
    -ADD (newborn): Judith, Esther, Abigail, Audrey, Erin, Evangeline

    DD1 (36):
    DH (38): Ferdinand, Lucius, Roger, Otto, Raymond, Herbert (LN: Hepburn, Leigh, Clark, Roberts)
    -DD1/DS2 (expecting): Rowena, Minerva, Rose, Claudia, Kelly, Hermione & David, Preston, Vincent, Dante, Roman, Theo

    DD2 (34):
    DH (35): Julius, Marcus, Anthony, Caesar, Patrick, Oscar (LN: Treverton, Pemberton, Townsend, Hardessen)
    -DD1 (5): Madeleine, Harriet, Clare, Samantha, Agnes, Lucille

    DS2 (30):
    DH (27): Samuel, Silas, Michael, Hector, Declan, Archer (LN: your choice, hyphenated with husband's last name. You choose the order)

    DS1 (39):
    DW (37): Corinna, Sophia, Cornelia, Rita, Nellie, Christina (maiden name: O'Ryan, McIntosh, Porpington, Carrow)
    -DS1 (14): Wolfgang, Albert, Leonardo, Johann, Nicholas, Richard

    DD1 (29):
    DH (28): Andrew, Alexander, Felix, Fred, Dominic, Daniel (LN: Andersen, Dell, Harper, Norton)
    -DD1/DD2/DS1 (expecting): Lisa, Heather, Patricia, Edith, Andrea, Christine, Genevieve, Juliet, Aurora, Lydia & father's names, swapped

    Happy 2015 to you all!
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    The Westfall Family

    DH [90] John Arnold Westfall
    DW [88] Laura Persephone {Butler} Westfall

    DD [71] Persephone Laura {Westfall} Vance
    DS [69] Arnold Butler Westfall
    DD [65] Grace Katherine {Westfall} Sullivan
    DD [65] Seraphina Veronica {Westfall} Evans


    DD [71] Persephone Laura {Westfall} Vance
    DH [73] Colin Arthur Vance

    DD [46] Minna Josephine Trenton-Vance
    - DW [44] Elizabeth Leanne Trenton-Vance
    - ADD [nb] Genevieve Patricia Trenton-Vance

    DD [46] Rowena Rose {Vance} Mason
    - DH [45] Michael Andrew Mason
    - DD [20] Penelope Adeline Mason
    - DD [17] Brenna Joanne Mason


    DS [69] Arnold Butler Westfall
    DW [70] Theresa Millicent {Bennett} Westfall

    DS [45] Henry Robert Westfall
    - DW [38] Amanda Lynne {McGonagall} Westfall
    - DD [14] Amira Noemi Westfall
    - DS [7] Robert Henry Westfall

    DD [45] Sarah Miriam {Westfall} Conroy
    - DH [46] Christopher George Conroy
    - DD [20] Liv Frances Conroy
    -- Dbf [19] Cedric Leonard Merriweather
    -- DS [exp] Jack Anthony Merriweather
    - DS [15] Victor Roderick Conroy
    - DD [12] Thalia Candice Conroy

    DS [40] Tobias Walter Westfall
    - DW [40] Anna Margaret {Jones} Westfall
    - DD/DD [10] Lorena Ann Westfall / Maisie Priscilla Westfall


    DD [65] Grace Katherine {Westfall} Sullivan
    DH [67] August Warren Sullivan

    DS [36] Warren August Sullivan
    - DH [41] Kevin Joseph Bennett
    - ADS [2] Augustine William Bennett-Sullivan
    - ADD [nb] Evangeline Audrey Bennett-Sullivan

    DD [36] Katherine Grace {Sullivan} Leigh
    - DH [38] Roger Ferdinand Leigh
    - DD/DS [exp] Rose Hermione Leigh / Theo Preston Leigh

    DD [34] Isabelle Helena {Sullivan} Townsend
    - DH [35] Patrick Anthony Townsend
    - DD [5] Clare Samantha Townsend

    DS [30] Julian Maurice Clark-Sullivan
    - DH [27] Declan Silas Clark-Sullivan


    DD [65] Seraphina Veronica {Westfall} Evans
    DH [70] Damian Edmund Evans

    DS [39] Malcolm Paul Evans
    - DW [37] Corinna Sophia {Carrow} Evans
    - DS [14] Nicholas Richard Evans

    DD [29] Madeleine Eugenie {Evans} Harper
    - DH [28] Alexander Dominic Harper

    DD/DD/DS [exp] Juliet Edith Harper / Lydia Patricia Harper / Dominic Alexander Harper
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    LN: Westfall

    DH (90): John Edward Westfall
    DW (88): Persephone Alice (Shapiro) Westfall
    -DD1 (71): Alice Persephone Westfall
    -DS1 (69): Edward Shapiro Westfall
    -DD2/DD3 (65): Katherine Virginia Westfall & Grace Adelaide Westfall

    DD1 (71): Alice Persephone Baker
    DH (73): Arthur Colin Baker
    -DD1/DD2 (46): Rose Josephine Baker & Anne Lucy Baker

    DS1 (69): Edward Shapiro Westfall
    DW (70): Matilda Noelle (Bennett) Westfall
    -DS1/DD1 (45): Theodore Robert Westfall & Miriam Naomi Westfall
    -DS2 (40): Walter Brian Westfall

    DD2 (65): Katherine Virginia Sullivan
    DH (67): August "Gus" Christian Sullivan
    -DS1/DD1 (36): Christian August Sullivan & Virginia Katherine Sullivan
    -DD2 (34): Helena Isabelle Sullivan
    -DS2 (30): Julian Maurice Sullivan

    DD3 (65): Grace Adelaide Potter
    DH (70): Edmund Ferdinand Potter
    -DS1 (39): Albert Paul Potter
    -DD1 (29): Sylvia Madeleine Potter

    DD1 (46): Rose Josephine Baker-Jones
    DW (44): Jane Elizabeth Baker-Jones
    -ADD (newborn): Julia Heather Baker-Jones

    DD2 (46): Anne Lucy Kerk
    DH (45): Oscar Harrison Kerk
    -DD1 (20): Penelope Adeline Kerk "Penny"
    -DD2 (17): Brenna Joanne Kerk

    DS1 (45): Theodore Robert Westfall
    DW (38): Fern Alexis (Watson) Westfall
    -DD1 (14): Amira Marjorie Westfall
    -DS1 (7): Robert Theodore Westfall

    DD1 (45): Miriam Naomi Forchette
    DH (46): George Christopher Forchette
    -DD (20): Liv Jasmine Forchette
    --DBF (19): Cedric Ian Gray
    ---DS (expecting): Edwin Shane Gray
    -DS1 (15): Victor Harrison Forchette "Vic"
    -DS2 (12): Charlotte Thalia Forchette "Char"

    DS2 (40): Walter Brian Westfall
    DW (40): Margaret Elise (Stansfield) Westfall
    -DD1/DD2 (10): Rebecca Maisie Westfall "Becca" & Ann Priscilla Westfall "Annie"

    DS1 (36): Christian August Sullivan
    DH (41): James Edward Davies
    -ADS (2): Gus Edward Sullivan-Davies
    -ADD (newborn): Erin Abigail Sullivan-Davies

    DD1 (36): Virginia Katherine Clark
    DH (38): Lucius Ferdinand Clark
    -DD1/DS2 (expecting): Hermione Rose Clark & David Preston Clark

    DD2 (34): Helena Isabelle Townsend
    DH (35): Julius Oscar Townsend
    -DD1 (5): Clare Madeleine Townsend

    DS2 (30): Julian Maurice Townsend-Grant
    DH (27): Samuel Declan Townsend-Grant

    DS1 (39): Albert Paul Potter
    DW (37): Cornelia Sophia (McIntosh) Potter
    -DS1 (14): Nicholas Albert Potter

    DD1 (29): Sylvia Madeleine Norton
    DH (28): Alexander Dominic Norton
    -DD1/DD2/DS1 (expecting): Juliet Christine Norton, Aurora Genevieve Norton, & Dominic Alexander Norton

    John & Persephone's kids: Alice, Edward, Katherine, & Grace
    John & Persephone's grandkids: Rose, Anne, Theodore, Miriam, Walter, Christian, Virginia, Helena, Julian, Albert, & Sylvia
    John & Persephone's great grandkids: Julia, Penny, Brenna, Amira, Robert, Liv, Vic, Char, Becca, Annie, Gus, Erin, Hermione, David, Clare, Nicholas, Juliet, Aurora, & Dominic

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    LN: Westfall

    DH: William Edward "Will"
    DW: Persephone Alice (Archer)
    -DD1: Alice Persephone
    -DS1: Edward Archer
    -DD2/DD3: Seraphina Grace/Veronica Katherine

    DD1: Alice Persephone
    DH: Leander Archibald (LN: Valmorian)
    -DD1/DD2: Josephine Rose "Posy"/Belle Laurene

    DS1: Edward Archer
    DW: Matilda Brigitte "Maude" (Selwyn)
    -DS1/DD1: Roland Theodore/Miriam Pauline "Miri"
    -DS2: Percival Walter "Percy"

    DD2: Seraphina Grace
    DH: Christian August (LN: Blythe)
    -DS1/DD1: August Christian/Grace Seraphina
    -DD2: Helena Isabelle
    -DS2: Julian Mark

    DD3: Veronica Katherine
    DH: Evander Fritz (LN: Black)
    -DS1: Malcolm Dudley
    -DD1: Eugenie Rosette

    DD1: Posy Rose
    DW: Elizabeth Jasmine (LN: Vance-Westfall)
    -ADD: Nancy Genevieve

    DD2: Belle Laurene
    DH: Caspian Maurice (LN: Merriweather)
    -DD: Liv Frances
    --DBF: Ian Cedric
    ---DS: William West
    -DS1: Harrison Alaric
    -DD2: Charlotte Diane "Lottie"

    DS2: Percy Walter
    DW: Elise Marie (Edevane)
    -DD1/DD2: Maisie Lorena/Priscilla Ann

    DS1: August Christian
    DH: Enzo Lane (LN: Berglund)
    -ADS: Edward Lane
    -ADD: Evangeline Erin

    DD1: Grace Seraphina
    DH: Lucius Otto "Luke" (LN: Hepburn)
    -DD1/DS1: Hermione Rose/Roman Dante

    DD2: Helena Isabelle
    DH: Patrick Marcus (LN: Pemberton)
    -DD1: Samantha Lucille "Sammy"

    DS2: Julian Mark
    DH: Declan Hector (LN: Rogers-Blythe)

    DS1: Malcolm Dudley
    DW: Corinna Sophia (O'Ryan)
    -DS1: Richard Leonardo "Rich"

    DD1: Eugenie Rosette
    DH: Dominic Felix
    -DD1/DD2/DS1: Aurora Christine/Juliet Heather/Felix Dominic

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    LN: Granger

    First generation...
    DH (90): Thomas William
    DW (88): Alice Persephone (maiden name: Archer)
    -DD1 (71): Persephone Alice
    -DS1 (69): William Archer (Will)
    -DD2/DD3 (65): Virginia Seraphina and Adelaide Grace (Ginny and Lady)

    Second generation...
    DD1 (71):
    DH (73): Leander Neville (LN: Baker)
    -DD1/DD2 (46): Rowena Lucy and Rose Josephine

    DS1 (69):
    DW (70): Matilda Theresa (maiden name: Prewett)
    -DS1/DD1 (45): Henry Theodore & Sarah Naomi (Sadie)
    -DS2 (40): Percival Tobias (Percy)

    DD2 (65):
    DH (67): August Phineas (LN: Blythe) (Gus)
    -DS1/DD1 (36): Phineas August & Seraphina Virginia
    -DD2 (34): Luna Ginevra (Lou)
    -DS2 (30): Sirius Caspian

    DD3 (65):
    DH (70): Edmund Ferdinand (LN: Potter)
    -DS1 (39): Alfred Malcolm (Alfie)
    -DD1 (29): Sylvia Madeleine (Sylvie)


    Third generation...
    DD1 (46):
    DW (44): Elizabeth Jane (LN: North-Baker)
    -ADD (newborn): Genevieve Nancy

    DD2 (46):
    DH (45): Arthur Lawrence (LN: Mason) (Ari)
    -DD1 (20): Poppy Penelope
    -DD2 (17): Verity Miranda

    DS1 (45):
    DW (38): Fern Amanda (maiden name: Watson)
    -DD1 (14): Amira Marjorie (Mira)
    -DS1 (7): Theodore Henry (Teddy)

    DD1 (45):
    DH (46): George Frederick (LN: Conroy)
    -DD (20): Frances Prudence (Frankie)
    --DBF (19): Cedric Augustus (LN: Darling)
    ---DS (expecting): Tiberius Willoughby
    -DS1 (15): Alaric Harrison
    -DD2 (12): Charlotte Diane (Lottie)

    DS2 (40):
    DW (40): Marie Margaret (maiden name: Edevane)
    -DD1/DD2 (10): Ann Priscilla and Rebecca Maisie (Annie and Becca)

    DS1 (36):
    DH (41): Lachlan Jasper (LN: Bennett)
    -ADS (2): Finnian Augustine
    -ADD (newborn): Evangeline Esther

    DD1 (36):
    DH (38): Otto Ferdinand (LN: Hepburn)
    -DD1/DS2 (expecting): Hermione Minerva & Roman Vincent

    DD2 (34):
    DH (35): Julius Oscar (LN: Pemberton) (Jules)
    -DD1 (5): Agnes Madeleine

    DS2 (30):
    DH (27): Samuel Hector (LN: Blythe-Callahan) (Sam)

    DS1 (39):
    DW (37): Cornelia Sophia (maiden name: Porpington)
    -DS1 (14): Nicholas Richard

    DD1 (29):
    DH (28): Felix Dominic (LN: Harper)
    -DD1/DD2/DS1 (expecting): Juliet Edith & Aurora Genevieve & Dominic Felix (Jett and Rory and Nico)

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