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    Literary Name to pair with Dashiell

    I am the mom to a little boy named Dashiell "Dash" Arvid and I'm expecting a little girl this spring. My husband and I are not agreeing on little girl names at all, so I'm hoping you have some great ideas. Because we went down the unique name road with Dashiell (DH and I both have unique names as well) we're looking for a girl's name that feels of a similar style. I think we'd both love for the name to be literary. The middle name will be Kara (pronounced CARE-uh), so that is a consideration as well.
    Here are the names that we've come up with so far:
    Husband's list: Willa, Alice, Wallis
    My list: Beatrice "Bea", Florence "Flora"
    My husband tends to favor more Swedish names and I am finding myself wanting to dust off a more classic name. Is there a best of both worlds? An author or popular literary character that could wow us both and pair beautifully with Dashiell?
    Thanks for your help!

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    What about ...

    Bronte? I am not a big surnames for females namer, but I love their writing and think it is a cool name, evocative of the moors of Haworth.

    Louisa (May Alcott) is a great name too as is Maud (Lucy Maud Montgomery). Flannery for O'Connor or Eudora for Welty. Dorothy for Parker. Barbara for Pym. Jane for Austen. MaryAnn or Maryanna for Eliot?

    Have fun!

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    Well, Alice is on his list and it's classic. I love the idea of Dashiell and Alice together. Florence is a close second. I'm always glad when someone is about to use such an underused gem like Florence.
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